10 things I am leaving behind (onto year 35!)

May 30, 2019

Happy birthday to me! Saying goodbye to 34 and onto 35! 34 was a wonderful year and I am blessed with two babies that I love more than anything. My husband is so supportive of me and I couldn’t be more thankful. With that being said, I have officially declared this year is my year of YES! Being pregnant most of last year, I turned down a lot of opportunities and really prepared the “nest”. I didn’t travel, hardly worked and just focused on getting ready to be a mom of two. But 35 will be different, I’m so ready to take it on and leave behind any extra stuff that gets in my way. So here we go, 10 things I am leaving behind.

10 things I am leaving behind this year as I turn 35
Sweater is Urban Outfitters (not sold online, but this one is close) and jeans are the AMAZING ROCKSTAR fit from Old Navy. I have them in two other colors.
10 things I am leaving behind this year as I turn 35
10 things I am leaving behind this year as I turn 35
This is from a girls trip in Austin. I had the best time ever. We laughed danced, and ate our way through the city. I hadn’t done something like this in years.


Women especially feel the need to explain why or how. I explain why I need this or why I can’t do something, it’s just not necessary.

2.Dwelling on the past

This sometimes keeps me up at night. Constantly second guessing my decisions. But I really don’t have time for it anymore. I need all the sleep I can get these days!

3.Comparing myself to everyone

Instagram makes this hard, I know, but it’s actually getting easier for me. I occasionally find myself comparing my situation to others and I have to catch myself. Every journey is different, no need to compare. I wrote more about being unperfect in this Pinterest perfect world here.

4.Excessive multitasking

I AM THE WORST! This is probably something I needed to stop a long time ago. I will do 5-6 things at the same time and do NOTHING at my 100%. It will be a work in progress, but I recognize that I really need to leave it behind.

5.The way I talk about myself

As soon as I found out Mila was a girl, there was something that clicked with the way I view my body and I became so self aware of how I perceive myself. In the past, I have caught myself saying, “I look big in this” or “how does this make me look?”. I have two kids that look and watch my every move, I would never want them to say the same things about themselves. No more. I am 35 and owning it, however I look doesn’t matter in my children’s eyes.

6.Afraid of rejection

I just had this come up a few weeks ago. A brand asked me for my rate and it was a BIG commitment. I asked for more than I ever had before and literally stared at the email for hours before sending it. But what’s the worse thing that could happen, they say no? So what?! This is probably another reason why I don’t pitch myself to brands, but I need to stop. Rejection is apart of the course and it’s ok. It’s apart of learning and growing, all lessons to be learned.

7.Mom guilt

All moms do this and it has gotten better with two now, but still hard. We all want to do the best job because it’s the HARDEST job. But we are and I need to give myself more credit. But it’s hard. Again, something to work in this year.

8.Excessive Googling

Ok, I can’t be the only one that does this? I self diagnose and then can’t sleep for days? OMG…I need to stop. No more!

9.Underestimating myself

This goes to number 6. I need to know my worth and own it. Ask for money, ask the hard questions, and say no when I want to.

10.Saying no to opportunities

The year of YES! I AM SO READY.

So that’s it! I hope some of these you are relate to. And I just really want to thank you all because you have helped me out so much throughout the years, so supportive. SO THANK YOU!

Until next time,


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