6 months with Mila: nap time routine and more

June 3, 2019

I really can’t believe it Mila is 6 months already! She’s really started to develop her personality and sleep through the night (yesss!). We have gotten the whole nap schedule down pat too, which is amazing. It allows me to get so much done (or just take a shower!). I included our nap time routine, schedule, and all of our favorites right now at 6 months.

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Sleep Essentials

We use the Magic Merlin sleep sack (kind of a game changer) and the noise machine at every single nap, including a night. In fact, the noise machine was ours pre-kids, so it’s going on 5 years or so! Still going strong.

She is starting to move a ton during her sleep, so we are now transitioning her to the Halo sleep sack. We discovered she’s a side sleeper, so this has really helped her sleep longer.

6 months nap time routine and some of our favorite products right now.

We also are loving our new crib from Delta (the crib pictured in the photos!) We have been using Delta furniture for our kids since Noah (so over 3 years now); our glider, dresser, and his crib are all Delta. It’s reliable, long lasting and seriously reasonably priced. Have you seen some of the prices of nursery furniture? OMG….they get crazy! You can read more about some of our nursery essentials.

6 months nap time routine and some of our favorite products right now.

The new crib for Mila is smaller than Noah’s, but perfect for city living or small spaces. She will be in for at least another year or so. I ordered it from Costco, which was my first experience ordering anything online. Everything went smoothly and rather quickly! There is also a similar one mini crib by Delta available at Target too (same price too).

6 months nap time routine and some of our favorite products right now.
6 months nap time routine and some of our favorite products right now.

(Delta gifted the mini-crib, but all my opinions & views expressed are my own)


We are a pretty big City Mini family. We have the single, which we loved with Noah. Then we decided since we loved the single so much, we got the double and it’s the best. It’s definitely not cheap and it makes me cringe sometimes to think about it, but worth it. It’s so easy to navigate (I mean, still heavy to push because two kids + car seat is a lot!) in the city. I take them on the bus and train and find it’s pretty narrow.

We also love the city mini tour to travel. I bought it from Buy, Buy, Baby and haven’t seen it anywhere else! We got it when we traveled to New York and it really worked out. Just 13 pounds and perfect to throw in the car on an errand day when I’m with just Mila.

Nap Schedule

*Please note, this is on a good day! Not everyday is like this, although I REALLY wish it was. Haha.

7:30/8am wake- She wakes up super hungry, so we give her an 8oz bottle. We use Dr. Brown bottles (the newer version) and love them! I know there are a lot of parts to clean, but our favorite in terms of reducing spit up and gas.

9am first nap- this one is usually the longest of the day.

10:30am-6 oz bottle.

Tummy time and/or an errand with mom. She’s currently loving this chew toy during our play time. She is so super close to teething and loves gnawing on these ears. You probably have seen it a lot in my Instagram stories. haha

12:30/1pm- 6 oz bottle

1:30pm- nap

3pm- 6 oz bottle

More play time until our bedtime routine, which starts around 5:45pm. The final bottle before bed is another 8oz around 6:15pm.

So that’s our day! Again, it doesn’t allow play out like this, but we try to get in at least 3 naps right now. Let me know if you have any other things you love right now with your little babies!

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Photography by Michelle Cox

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