Being unperfect in this Pinterest perfect world

August 16, 2018

Let me first start off by saying this idea came from a friend who stated “I’m so tired of seeing all this perfect stuff all over social media”. And she’s totally right. Everywhere you look, it’s like an over filtered, perfect world. When in fact, we all know it’s not, and I am so guilty of this. 

If you had a travel bucket list, what would it be? I’ve always wanted to go to Spain (for the food and wine 🍷) and Napa Valley. Both on my list, one day...🙏🏼 also, fun fact, I’ve NEVER been to Vegas. Should I go? Maybe post baby....😩 #travel #dunes #saugatuck #longlivesummer #eatdrinksdf

If you look at this post on Instagram , I literally have 4 legs. #editingfail. I did not catch it when I posted it and several of you pointed it out to me. I couldn’t believe it! I racked my brain on what happened and realized when I expanded it to make the image bigger in Lightroom, it gave me an extra two legs! I went back and forth on whether I should take it down. I asked Manny and some blogging friends, and decided to keep it. Which is what made me really think about the world around us now.

When I look all over social media, I see so much perfection. Hair, brand new clothes (which I wish!) It can really start making you feel a certain way. I know it does for me sometimes. Here is an example: I see many moms post photos of them in bed with their children, just waking up, looking so cute and bright eyed and I am like, NO WAY! This does not happen in our house. Is that even possible? I mean, it could be for some, but just not me. And by no way am I judging others, it’s just not my reality. In the morning, I usually crawl out of bed, face mask still on, Manny hands Noah to me with a million trucks in his hand and that’s how we begin the day. Not even brushing our teeth or hair for the next hour or so. Oh well, it’s us and it works.

I am not saying it’s wrong or that I don’t strive to present my best, because I certainly do. I think what I NEED to work on is when I don’t look “perfect” or instagrammable, that IT’S OK! I often hesitate to post on Instastory for this reason alone, but I am working on it. I think knowing I am having baby girl, it’s kind of making me just own it. I would never want her to feel this way, so I need to lead by example. Especially now with almost every child growing up in the social media eye. It is what it is, right?! I am just going to own it and have 4 legs! Haha. Just working on showing a more vulnerable side, whether people like it or not. Anyone else think about this at all?

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