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August 14, 2018

 I will admit it, I love grocery shopping. Like, a lot. I plan out our meals for the week in advance and shop based around the menu we have planned. But there are times when life happens and getting groceries delivered is a lifesaver. It’s also one of the best registry gifts for newborns (we registered at Buy, Buy Baby and Amazon. I recommend it to everyone when they ask, “what do I get a mom with a newborn?”. Groceries, Grubhub, really anything delivered is always helpful for new moms.

When Noah was an infant, we got groceries delivered a few times and it helped so much. It was winter and there were weeks we couldn’t leave the house. This past week, it was  busy, I had an Amazon gift card, so I decided to try Amazon Fresh for the first time. Why not?!

Amazon Fresh review groceries deliveredAmazon Fresh review groceries deliveredAmazon Fresh review groceries delivered

Amazon’s online grocery delivery service is straight to your door. It’s like online shopping at Whole Foods since Amazon recently purchased Whole Foods a few months ago. There are a few delivery options. The delivery membership is $14.99 per month or $9.99 per delivery, but your first month is free.

I bought groceries and spent $73.75 for a weeks worth of groceries. Some things like ground turkey, chicken breasts, avocados, Roma tomatoes, Dave’s Killer Bread, whole wheat buns, and other fresh fruit and veggies were on the list.

I broke down the for pros and cons for you guys to make it simple:


-AmazonFresh offers flexible delivery options, which made it easy to schedule shipments around our schedule. I ordered Sunday night, it was at my door at 7:30am the following day. Which was great, we were down to the bare bones in the fridge. Oops!

-I could select a delivery date and time and whether or not I wanted to be present when my order arrived.

-The packaging was organized. Dry goods in one and perishable items were kept cool with ice packs in other large bags. And I could feel confident that my groceries would remain fresh even if they were left on the doorstep for a few hours.

Amazon Fresh deliveryAmazon Fresh delivery-The ordering process was also accommodating. If I forgot to purchase something, I could add it to my order even after I’d placed it. I feel like this always happens to me, anyone else?

-Maybe the best part, the produce and meat at Whole Foods is so, so, good. I loved the peaches, blueberries, grapes, deli meat and chicken. I especially like the BARE Chicken, which was $5.66 for two breasts. You can also buy it at Mariano’s. You can definitely find it cheaper, but the quality of meat is amazing and it’s organic, with no added hormones.

-I was surprised that the canned goods were organic and still .99 cents. Not terribly priced, but I know it’s definitely not the cheapest option.

Amazon Fresh deliveryAmazon Fresh deliveryAmazon Fresh deliveryAmazon Fresh deliveryAmazon Fresh delivery


-Some things at Whole Foods are a lot more expensive and not really justified. For example, I bought hamburger buns for $2.99 because we needed them for veggie burgers, but they tasted no different than Aldi for half the cost. I found this true for Dave’s Killer bread ($5.99) and you could get two loaves for less than $7 dollars at Costco.

-Like many grocery delivery options, you really need make note how you want some of the fruits and veggies. I needed an avocado for dinner that night and it wasn’t ripe for at least 3-4 days.

-There is an option for prepared foods and I thought it would be from one for their hot or cold bars, but it’s actually just pre packaged salads and sandwiches.

-The price. Obviously you are paying for convenience.

Was AmazonFresh worth it?

If I would order again, it would be for two reasons:

  1. If I was having a dinner party that required fresh fruits, veggies and produce and had no time for the store, I could justify the $9.99 delivery fee.
  2. When our girl is born in December, I think the $14.99 a month delivery fee is worth it. Traveling in winter with a toddler and newborn justifies it. If I use it twice in one month, it pays off.

And if you are a very into Whole Foods and shop there often within a month, I believe it’s absolutely worth it.

I hope this gives some insight for anyone interested in trying it out. And as always, thanks for reading and you can sign up for weekly emails and follow me on here.

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