Valentine’s Day Small Business Gift Guide

January 25, 2021

I can’t believe Valentine’s Day is almost here. I feel like it was just New Years…like I blinked and February is here in a week! Oh the days of COVID just blend together at this point 🤦🏼‍♀️With lots of feedback from you guys, I put together this Valentine’s Small Business Gift Guide! Almost all of these are places right here in Chicago. Some gifts are even locally made by fellow Chicagoans. I think we all have been trying to shop more local lately, so hopefully you will find something you like here!

Everything ranges from price and available through Etsy or the businesses website. Most of the gifts are linked everything over on Like to Know it, except with the few that are available directly through the local site.

I hope you like it!

Small business and local Valentines Day Gift Guide

Everything else is linked here except for a few items below.

Other gift ideas:

1. The heart socks are from the cutest store, Foursided in Andersonville. They have awesome gifts and home goods if you haven’t been before!

2. The Schitt’s Creek card is from a small store in Lincoln Square, Urban General. It’s adorable and they have the best cards. I actually have a highlight on my Instagram page with more local shops in LS now.

3. Next is the mask kit is from Scratch Goods in West Loop. Scratch Goods is a skincare boutique that is all about self-care! This kit is actually a “Couples Mask” kit, but I think it would be an awesome gift to send to friends or even keep for yourself. If you haven’t tried their masks or any of their products, I love them, they tailor everything to your skin type and needs.

If you’re looking for more small business gift ideas, I have a few guides from the holiday season that might be able to give you some more ideas!

Happy Valentine’s Day and if you end up getting any of the gifts, tag me so I can see 🤗

Until next time,


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