An indoor class at Studio Three after 1 year away

February 18, 2021

So it’s been one year away from working out indoors. Our living room and outdoor classes had been how we were working out. We’d either take a live Studio Three class or get our steps in outside. This was the only way we got our exercise in. Now, it’s been snowing for like what feels a year straight, heading outdoors just isn’t an option.

I am also just over my living room as a studio. I had been really wanting to take a class at Studio Three for awhile now. I know they are taking lots of precautions, but still, I was nervous. Like a lot.

So after talking with some of the instructors and reading about their safety protocols, I decided to check it out. So here are some of my takeaways!

Studio Three is taking extra precautions for their workout class. Reduce class size, plexi glass and more.


Studio Three’s Safety Protocols
  1. Temperatures taken immediately upon entering. And they use the good kind of thermometers (oh the things we learned during COVID). They used a thermal temperature detected and it scans your forehead.
  2. There’s also thermal scan readers that scans the entire room!
  3. Reduced class sizes. Classes are capped below 50% capacity. However, I did take a noon cycle class and there were 4 other people. I would recommend going during off peak times to limit the number of people.
  4. Face coverings are 100% required during class.
  5. UV Disinfecting Accessory Bar- I have never seen anything like this, but it’s cool! It cleans your keys, phones, etc
  6. UVC Sole Disinfecting Devices- This disinfects your shoes before class.
  7. More space in between workout stations. For example, there have been bikes removed to allow more space
  8. HVAC system which has hospital grade filters
  9. Plexiglass in between each cycle station.

Studio Three indoor working out gym review

Here are the face shields we love. They cover your entire face way past your chin, not like those short ones. It’s a snug fit, but I like them to workout in.

 Back at Studio Three after being gone one year  I reviewed all their protocols  and sharing my thoughts on indoor working out

Face shields I love

I mean, Studio Three really has been going above and beyond. Once our class was over, they came in and immediately started cleaning.

Overall, we felt as safe as we could be for working out indoors. We used these face shields, which I love! They cover your entire face and far below your chin by inches (I hate those short ones…).

You can use code TCGLVIP for your FREE first class!

Let me know if you have any questions.

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