Easy Pumpkin Spice Coffee

October 2, 2020

I recently did a fall campaign with Hostess and played around this pumpkin spice coffee recipe on a fall, chilly Saturday. I love trying new coffee ideas at home and this is so easy, delicious and made with real pumpkin! Plus, it also cuts down on my $5 Starbucks trip when I have a pumpkin spice craving 🙂

Then created a fall board that we had while watching football on a Sunday. The kids loved all the Hostess Snacks and it was a cute idea to kick off fall. It’s just another way to get excited for the cooler weather (before it gets crazy cold in Chicago..)

One thing I did to make this easier was picking up most the ingredients at Target! I did a drive up and I didn’t even have to leave my car. Amazing.

Pumpkin spice coffee with a fall snack board

The recipe and everything I used to set up this fall board is linked below.

They are some affiliate links below at no cost to you to click on through!


-8oz coffee
-3 tbsp oat milk (I love Califia Farms right now)
-1 tsp 100% pumpkin purée
-1/2 tsp pumpkin spice (I used almost all of Target’s Good & Gather Brand)
-1/2 tsp vanilla
-1/2 tsp 100% pure maple syrup
-1 cinnamon stick (not needed but I like my PSL with cinnamon)

Pumpkin spice coffee with a fall snack board

The serving board is from Target


  1. Boil all the ingredients together except the oat milk. Froth separately.
  2. Once it’s boiled, remove the cinnamon stick and pour into glass. Add your frothed milk!
  3. Sprinkle with cinnamon. Enjoy!

Pumpkin spice coffee is easy to make at home


  • Pick up all the fall snacks from @hostess_snacks like Caramel Crunch Donettes, Iced Pumpkin CupCakes or Pumpkin Spice Twinkies. They are seasonal so they sell out pretty fast. The donuts are really good with coffee!
  • I love this frother from Amazon. It’s $13 and works great.
  • Pumpkin candle– love this one from Target! Long lasting and priced well. Why are some candles sooo expensive?!
  • Head to the dollar section & pick up pumpkins & fall decor– they had white, orange and striped black and white ones. I may or may not have gotten a few in all colors 🙂

If you make this, tag me on Instagram so I can see @thechicagogoodlife! If you are looking for some other fall related recipes, I have a few using cream cheese I love.

Hopefully you like it and will try a variation of this fall board and pumpkin spice coffee!

Until next time,


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