Pride Parade: Let’s Talk About It

2018 Chicago Pride Parade Recap. So glad to be apart of the parade with WGN Radio and share so much love with fellow Chicagoans.
WGN Radio Chicago Pride Parade

When WGN Radio reached out and asked me to be apart of their Pride Parade this year, I was like SIGN ME UP! It’s one of my favorite days in Chicago. I have yet to miss a parade (except when I lived in NYC), the love, energy and vibe Chicago has on this day is incredible. 

The Theme

The theme this year was “Let’s Talk About It”, which I thought was very befitting for what’s happening in the world right now. Politics is currently such sensitive subject, but for me, it comes down to respect and has nothing to do with politics. Pride month is all about showing love and respecting the individual choices people make. There are so many people that are afraid to be who they are and that breaks my heart. I want to send love to anyone who might be going through anything and ashamed to express their true feelings. So like their theme states, “Let’s Talk About It!”.

But why is this important?

As a mom, I want to teach my children they can be whoever they are and I will love and support them no matter what. I also want them do this with their peers. There is so much bullying and negativity in social media, I want my son and daughter to always show empathy and love toward others. I know this is not always easy, but being the best role model is the first step in teaching them this lesson. Honestly, I think about this daily. I constantly ask myself “am I showing him the right way?” “did I say this wrong?” and sometimes the answer is no, but I do my best, learn and grow.

So that is why I walked in the parade, not only to support others but to show my family giving love toward everyone is always the best option. Enjoy some of the photos courtesy of WGN Radio and a video they put together.

WGN Radio Chicago Pride Parade in Chicago
WGN Radio Chicago Pride Parade in Chicago
Chicago Pride Parade 2018
WGN Radio Chicago Pride Parade
WGN Radio Chicago Pride Parade
WGN Radio Chicago Pride Parade
WGN Radio Chicago Pride Parade

Click here for the video.

Chicago has some of the best food (you can read about my favorites right now), people and summers! I am so glad to be apart of this amazing city and everything it has to offer. As always, thanks for reading and you can sign up for weekly updates here and follow me on Instagram.

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