Our June Recap

July 8, 2018

June came in as quickly as it left. Does anyone else feel that way? It went by so, so, so fast! I am fully in the second trimester and feeling better than the first, so I have gotten so much more done! We did some home renovations, celebrated Father’s Day and our 5 year anniversary. I also got a chance to take a trip to Saugatuck, Michigan for the first time. June was definitely busy, but an overall an exciting month. 

The good stuff…

Taking the trip to Saugatuck, Michigan with Eat, Drink, SDF was an awesome experience. To be honest, it was kind of like a “pinch me moment”, which I know sounds cheesy. But it was my first influencer trip, first time to the area and not going to lie, as awesome getaway for Manny and I. You can read about about it all here. Overall, I was really impressed with the the food, art and vibe of the area. We will definitely be back this fall.

downtown saugatuck, cute town with shops, boats and art

Our 5 year anniversary was June 22nd and this past winter, we had grand ideas to get away just us two. But life happened, we are pregnant, decided to do home updates instead (sigh) and went to dinner at Monteverde instead. But next year, I have big plans for an anniversary trip! And Monteverde was an out of this world meal, I highly recommend the pasta!! Anniversary trip here.

5 year anniversary

I also took my first mom-cation alone, no husband or child. I have never been overnight just alone and honestly, I needed some convincing to go.

Inside the Lincolnshire Marriott Resort, there is Three Embers Restaurant that invited influencers to dine and experience their million dollar renovations and innovative menu. They gave us an option to spend the night and I had planned to do it, but the day of, I almost backed out. Noah would miss me, I have to much to do, so on and so on. I came up with every excuse not to go, but I went and so glad I did. The resort is beautiful and I really felt like I was on vacation, sipping virgin cocktails at the pool. The food was plated like art and everything was fresh from their onsite garden. It was refreshing to have a few hours alone and I would definitely be up for it again.

Lincolnshire Marriott ResortLincolnshire Marriott Resort

Lastly, Noah turned 2 and a half year old and keeping us on our toes! He is on the MOVE and very fast. We’ve had some pretty scary falls, even one that I thought we were definitely heading to the Emergency Room, thank god we didn’t have to. He’s into everything and starting to have no fears. But he has been putting full sentences together and really able to communicate his likes and dislikes. Even singing songs in spanish, which is my favorite!

Toddler turned 2 1/2 years oldToddler turned 2 1/2 years old
A work in progress…

I promised myself last month that I would really focus on potty training Noah, but I didn’t spend one day on it. We really need to buckle down and dedicate a week before the baby comes! I would take any advice too!

I want to start cooking more. Since we had to move out for awhile for our home renovations, we relied on what my parents ate and carry out A LOT, then with 4th of July, our eating hasn’t been the best. I am dedicating this week to getting back on track, meal planning and getting back on the healthy train again!

But really, June was awesome, busy, but productive. Sure making this pregnancy go by really fast!

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