Our 6 year wedding anniversary

June 21, 2018

Here it is! Our 6 year wedding anniversary is June 22nd and I can’t believe how much time has gone by. Several apartments (too many to count), two cars, one home and two kids later, these six years have been busy!

When I looked back at these photos, besides the smile they bring, I couldn’t believe a few things. One, we were very, very skinny and looked a lot less tired, hah. Two, how excited we were to get married. We were just so happy to celebrate with our friends and family for one giant party! I still say our wedding was the best party we ever threw 🙂

Before we got married, I thought I knew what marriage really was, but had no clue.  I was excited and ready for it at the time, but had no idea what it actually would be like day in and day out.  Maybe I was a little naive thinking we would be in the honeymoon stage forever or at least a few years, but you know, reality hits. Sometimes marriage is glamorous, but most days, it’s not. There’s miscommunication, tiredness, and stress. All relationships take some work and things don’t always flow the way you want it to. Some days I give 100%, other days maybe 25%. It’s truly a balance every day.

How we met

We actually went to college together and had the a similar group of friends. We knew of each other, but both dated other people all throughout college. I moved to NYC the day after college graduation and lived there for three and a half year. By year three, I had a terrible breakup and decided to move back home. Best decision ever!

I was on Facebook one day (Instagram wasn’t really a thing yet!) and just decided to message him. At that point, I really had nothing to lose. Like why not?! It was very unlike me, but I was back in Chicago and wanted to reconnect with people.

Yup, that’s it. We went to Mother Hubbards a few days later (I know, a late night bar, how romantic…) and have been together ever since.

Also, I think it took going through a terrible breakup and feeling absolutely awful about myself to begin to learn how love myself. I started this process mid-twenties and feel like I met Manny at the right time in life. I also attribute a lot of my own growth to him as well. Which I why I love him so much!


With all that being said, Manny and I really try to live our life to the fullest (with two children now, it just looks a little different), but it’s been honestly so much fun. We try not to be “boring” or have the same routine. Taking trips, dinners, festivals, and having time to disconnect has been a priority for us. Yes, can things seem redundant sometimes, of course! But we often recognize it and will try to be spontaneous, which is what I love about us.

But anyways, I have absolutely love being married and starting family, more than I ever thought I would. It’s a type love I have for him that’s very hard to describe at times and maybe I don’t do express myself enough, but I love, appreciate and respect you Manny! Happy 6 years to my best friend.


Hair and Makeup: Salon V (Meredith for my hair and David for makeup)
Church: St. Vincent DePaul
Water Taxi to arrive
Venue: Fulton’s on the River (now River Roast)
Mascot: DePaul Blue Demon (Manny’s request)
DJ: Toast & Jam
Photography: Leathem Photography
Bridal Suite: JW Marriott
Dress: Priscilla of Boston (now closed)
Bridesmaids Dresses: House of Brides
Wedding Planner: LK Events

Pre Ceremony

wedding bridal suite at JW Marriott
wedding bridal suite at JW Marriott


chicago wedding at st. vincent of depaul

Water Taxi Arrival

wedding arrival by chicago water taxi
wedding arrival by chicago water taxi
wedding arrival by chicago water taxi

Bridal Party


So that was our wedding! One of the best days ever. And I love all of our vendors so much in case you need any recommendations 🙂


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