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My January Reboot

Hitting the refresh button this January and eating healthier. But also focusing on me mental and overall wellness. With different workout options and lots of healthier recipes included in the post.

Updated January 2019

Like everyone else, I completely overindulged in December. The holidays get me every year. Not only the holidays, but I gave birth 6 weeks ago, so my body and mind are both in need of some extra love these days.

This January, I have decided to do a complete “reboot” of my life. My mind, body, home, and LIFE. It isn’t just about losing weight and setting unrealistic goals, but hitting the refresh button in all areas of my life. Once the holidays were over and my daughter turned 6 weeks, I wanted to start to change some bad habits I developed over the past few months. When I eat poorly and indulge in too many sweets, my sleep and overall mood was impacted. I was still eating like I was pregnant! Late night snacks, staying up too late and not working out. And honestly, I’m already on a few hours of sleep a night, so I just want to treat my body right again. Time to give it some love!

Me in 2015. I was focused on working out and eating healthy
This was me 2015. I was focused on working out and eating healthy. My goal is make this a priority again.

To start, I set some realistic goals for myself in all areas of my life. Setting goals that are actually attainable. Not like “I want to lose weight” but “I will workout 3 times a week”. Or instead of “be more patient”, “I will count to ten when I get upset”. Something concrete. For me, that’s realistic.

I want to start the year strong by developing really strong routines and so far, I have been really proud. I am taking it day by day, but not without any help. Below are some of the tools I am using. Whether its at home workouts, barre classes, or recipes, they are all helping reboot my life in 2019.


  1. The Barre Code– This nationwide gym offers cardio, strength and restoration classes. There’s literally a type of class for everyone from high to low impact. These classes also got me in shape for my wedding and I’ll be forever grateful. There are several locations, so check their website. (Not sponsored, just really like them!)
  2. Orange Theory– I had heard the hype for awhile and how amazing these classes are. I finally took one when I was 20 weeks pregnant and LOVED it. Seriously. They are stations that you work through at your own pace, all while your heart rate and stats are being calculated. It’s high intensity with cardio and weight training. You leave the class knowing how many calories you burned, which is perfect if your keeping track. I never felt judged or pressured, everyone was at all different levels. For 2019, I’ll definitely be doing a few classes a month here.
  3. I started online workout classes earlier in 2018 when I couldn’t make it to a class or the gym. Being at home with two kids makes it difficult to get to a gym sometimes. It’s perfect when they are asleep and my son has even joined me sometimes. They range from 15-35 minutes, which is perfect for a busy mom.

4. Just get out! Even though it may not seem like enough, you would be surprised how many steps I get in walking around Target or Costco 🙂


When we make goals, they are often physical. We forget to make some for our mind! It is so important to have your mind clear and stress free when trying accomplish anything. For me, my workouts are TERRIBLE when I don’t have a clear mind. Below are some things I have done. I know I don’t do this enough and it is a real goal for me this year.

  1. Chill Chicago– This is a completely designated space to just CHILL. The classes range from 30 – 60 min with a focus on breath, insight, rest or yoga and meditation. Sometimes, this is harder for me than a workout. Check to see if your city has something like this near you. See pic here me in the moment at CHILL. Pic at CHILL Instagram
  2. Meditation App (FREE)– This is a FREE download on Amazon. This is great to help settle the mind before sleep if you are having one of those day.
  3. Count to 10- Don’t underestimate the power of taking a moment for yourself. I know when Noah is amidst a toddler moment or I have two crying children, I am learning to breath and step back (although very difficult). I find creating space for myself can be very beneficial.


I have mapped out the recipes I will be making this month. I listed recipes of my own and other favorites from Tasty to Delish to Cooking Light.

easy and quick meatless mealssweet potato tacos- easy and quick meatless meal

egg salad recipe, easy, home cooking

Baked potato nachos are a healthier alternative

Rice, chickpea and asparagus recipe, easy, home cooking, weekday meal

If you one of man that are counting calories this month (sigh, yes I am), this Calorie Counter is an affordable, reliable option. I wouldn’t say it is like an Apple Watch (we can only dream right?!), but it gives you somewhat of a range of your steps, calories and is waterproof.

I hope some of this will help you this new year! Every day is a fresh start and it will never be perfect, but all we can do it try.

Let me know if you have any questions or even if you have cooked up any of the recipes! As always, thanks for following along and you can sign up for weekly emails here and on Instagram.

Until next time,


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