My New Year Reboot

January 10, 2018

Updated January 2021

Like everyone else, I completely overindulged in December, but like really this past YEAR. I know I am not alone in this, but I developed some not so great habits from quarantine. Not enough self care, way too much wine, not enough sleep or water, etc. There just hasn’t been any time to myself. It’s been about surviving and make sure the kids are happy and healthy. Now add the holidays on top of this, by New Years Eve, I was ready to for it all to change.

This January, I have decided to do a complete “reboot” of my life. My mind, body, home, and LIFE. It isn’t about losing weight and setting unrealistic goals, but hitting the refresh button in all areas of my life. So here is my January Reboot!


To start, I didn’t really want to create goals this year. Because seriously I have no expectations in 2021. Like none. Who knows that’s going to happen. But I knew I needed to like reset certain areas in my life, starting with organization.

Living in the city, our home isn’t huge and I have to keep everything pretty organized. I have started to go through each room to throw out or donate anything we don’t use. Starting the year off by decluttering is oddly SO satisfying. I started with the kitchen. Here are some things that have helped organize our home.


  1. Kitchen organizers: Small // Medium // Large
  2. Glass Jar: 64oz // 128oz
  3. Pantry can organizer

Not in this collage is this magnetic calendar which I love to plan our meals and any groceries we need. Also, helps Noah with the days of the week too!

This 2021 planner is also super cute, I hope I don’t regret getting one this year. Haha. It’s pretty simple, but has tabs, daily and monthly options with a back pocket in the back. I like it so far!


  1. Cabinet (very easy to install!)
  2. Shelf organizers
  3. Small container
  4. Makeup organizer
  5. Floating shelf

These are just a few ways I am trying to stay organized this New Year! These organizers have helped us stay organized in our small city place.

Dry January

Manny and I both are trying to drink a lot less this month. During quarantine, it was just crazy. It was WINE ALL THE TIME! We are going to try and limit it and make some mocktails instead! We made some yummy CBD mocktails from Foxtrot last Friday! I think adding in some bubbles like soda water and adding garnishes always helps get through the month.

I have a $10 off code for your first time pick up or delivery order at Foxtrot if you’d like to try some CBD mocktails.

Here are some other mocktail ideas!


I am meal planning weekly and below are some recipes I plan on making. Some my own and other favorites from Tasty to Delish to Cooking Light.

Every morning, I have been making breakfast sandwiches. I used to make them all the time when I was teaching and forgot how much I love it. You can make a bunch ahead of time and freeze them too! Here’s the sandwich maker.

Easy and quick meatless meals to make this new year that's ready in 30 minutes
sweet potato tacos- easy and quick meatless meal this January
Baked potato nachos are a healthier alternative

I hope some of this will help you this new year! Every day is a fresh start and it will never be perfect, but all we can do it try.

Let me know if you have any questions or even if you have cooked up any of the recipes! As always, thanks for following along and you can sign up for weekly emails here and on Instagram.

Until next time,


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