My Holiday Message to you

December 2, 2022

Happy, happy holidays to you all! I can’t believe how fast this season went, but I guess I say that every year! Ha. It went from Halloween to bam, time to start shopping for gifts. It’s been so crazy busy lately, but I wanted to take some time to share some things I’ve been thinking about!

This year was probably one of the better years for me professionally. It’s the first year I finally felt like a true entrepreneur (which is sort of weird for me to even say…I haven’t quite owned it yet, but I will!). I grew a ton by hitting 50k, had some awesome partnerships and did some really cool experiences like midwest travel! I also brought on Jennie, which has been a LIFESAVER! She helps me so much. I am SO thankful for her.

But with that being said, it also came with a lot more stress. The trolls & bots (they are so annoying), playing the numbers game, losing some deals and comparing CGL to fellow creators, huge projects rejected and some other downfalls along the way. But just like with any job, it’s up and down with the season.

With all the being said, I genuinely want to say thank you. Thank you for following, engaging, and following our family around the city. It’s crazy think how you are watching us grow and navigate this parenthood thing all while keeping our marriage happy and healthy! It’s a wild ride to say the least, but glad you are apart of it! So many of you are like minded and going through similar things we do, so it’s nice to sort of do it together sometimes 🙂

But again, thank you! I wouldn’t be able to share half of what we do if it wasn’t for your questions, feedback, requests etc. It means the world! I hope to meet some of you at our first CGL Holiday Party on the 14th!

My wish is that you are able to hit the reset button soon and slow down, enjoy the season and take some time for yourself right now! We aren’t traveling this holiday and I plan on taking some time to reset as well!


From Manny, Christine, Noah and Mila

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