Family Holiday Looks

November 15, 2020

This year the holidays are going to be meh. Unfortunately it’s the reality we are living in today. But we are still going to dress up for the holidays no matter what! So I put together some looks for the whole family this holiday season. Even if it’s at home 🙂

Mila wore number 4 and 7 last year for the holidays last year. And Manny still has his sweater that he wears all the time, he loves it.

And I often get asked about that red lipstick all the time. It’s sold out a lot, but Sephora just restocked it! It’s my go-to.

  1. Toddler Boys shirt: Children’s Place
  2. Long Sleeve Women’s Mini Dress: Nordstrom
  3. Holiday red lipstick (my favorite): Sephora
  4. Toddler girls plaid dress: Children’s Place
  5. Baby girl plaid dress: Children’s Place
  6. Women’s V-neck dress: H&M
  7. Baby headbands (Mila is wearing the black one): Amazon
  8. Women’s long sleeve mini dress: Nordstrom
  9. Women’s shift dress: Nordstrom
  10. Men’s sweater (Manny is wearing this exact one. I like it because it balances out all the red we had on): Target
  11. Women’s wrap dress: Nordstrom
  12. Women’s jersey shirt dress: H&M

Our holiday plan this year to stay at home. Maybe see our parents and that’s it! But we are going to make the best of it. It’ll probably involve a lot food and wine, which is alright with me!

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