How to get around the city this holiday season with Avail

November 13, 2020

The holidays in the city are here! There is something about the holiday season in the city. The lights, decorations and the energy is amazing. I’ve partnered with the car-sharing platform called Avail to help bring you around the city this holiday season.

This post was in collaboration with Avail

So What is Avail? I had the same question too. It is a company that allows you to borrow other people’s car (think AirBNB but for cars!). It’s all covered by Allstate Insurance and is an affordable car rental alternative!

So what’s the difference between Avail and all the other car-sharing platforms? I’ll tell the 3 biggest differences that I think set them apart.

Avail is a car ride sharing program that allows people to borrow other people's cars from ORD or MDW airports in Chicago. The renting process is easy and a more affordable option compared to other companies.

  1. No second driver fee! That’s key. If you and borrowing the car for a weekend getaway, you don’t have to be the only driver! That to me is a game-changer. The second driver has to upload their driver’s license and provide contact information before driving. 
  2. No cancellation fees. That’s amazing. 
  3. 18+ can rent a car. Not 25 and there are no hidden fees or deposits.

Car Pickup and Drop off

Right now, Avail is available at both Chicago airports, Midway and O’hare. The process is pretty straightforward. Download the app, reserve your car and upload your license and head to the airport.

If someone is dropping you off, they don’t have to pay for parking. The parking lots are at the preflight locations, which is nice if you aren’t traveling. If you are coming from the airport, you can use the shuttles to get you to the garage.

Overall the process was pretty seamless. The car was sanitized, filled with gas and I signed a waiver and was off.

Drop off is the same process, just fill the car with amount of gas you received the car in.

Why Avail?

I think a few reasons why you should choose Avail. First, many people living in Chicago rely heavily on public transportation. In fact, we are a one car family and pre-Covid, we would take the bus or train about 50% of the time everywhere.

Now things have changed. Not everyone is comfortable taking the train or bus, so if you need a car for:

  • holiday shopping
  • checking out holiday lights around the Chicagoland area
  • going on a quick midwest getaway
  • have family or friends coming into town

Plus – book a car with Avail now through December 31st and receive $50.00 off your booking with code “THECHICAGOGOODLIFE”! *

*Valid through 12/31.

If you would like to see some other holiday things going on around the city, you can check out more here.

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