Blogging: Transition from a food to lifestyle blogger

August 28, 2018

This is kind of a rare topic for me. I don’t typically write about blogging or my process, which I can if that’s interesting, I just don’t think anyone would really care to read about it! (but please message me if you think differently!)

When I first started the Instagram account in 2015, I mainly focused on food. At that point in my life, it was just Manny and I. We dined out all the time, trying new restaurants, traveled and enjoyed being married, but as our family grew, things changed. 

Chicago Lifestyle Blogger- transitioning from food to lifestyle bloggingIMG_7507Chicago Lifestyle Blogger- transitioning from food to lifestyle bloggingI will give you an example. This exact photo was taken the day before we had our son in 2016. You can see the following photos after this I never once mentioned his birth or anything regarding motherhood. I never posted him or anything about motherhood and my blog still continued to be about food. But as my blog began to get bigger and bigger in the latter part of 2016, I was starting to go to events, meeting different people and bloggers. I would talk about my son and people had no idea! This was a strange feeling. Almost guilty in a way. I knew I had to share the biggest part of my life, my family. If I wanted to be authentic and real in my blog, I had no choice. It was time to transition from a food to a lifestyle blogger.

Chicago Lifestyle Blogger- transitioning from food to lifestyle blogging

This might seem a lot easier, but it was a difficult transition. I had to open my family up to being on social media, especially my young son. Was this something I wanted to share with the world? In the good and bad moments? With some thinking over, I made the full transition and now share all parts (almost all, lol) of motherhood and marriage. If there is ever a day that my children or husband don’t want to be apart of it, I will stop. I never want to be one of those moms that follows their children or husband around with a camera all day. There are moments though I love to share with you guys, and others I think are best with just our family. It’s a balance for sure.

I will still continue to share what we are cooking for dinner or where we are dining out because that’s a big part of our lives, I am just adding another element to my blog. It’s just best for me to actually show my “real life” and all that comes with it.

For those that have seen this transition, thank you for following along! I’m sure some can relate to what I post, but many may not, so I genuinely appreciate the following and watching as our family grows. And now even more so with our girl due this December. So thank you!

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