Review of Karrot! A New Buy/Sell Marketplace App in Chicago

June 9, 2024

This time of the year I tend to do a lot more cleaning and I’m sure other parents can relate! Spring decluttering means cleaning out closets, purging items we don’t need, going through the kids’ clothes…you know the drill. I often come across items that would be loved by other families, such as strollers (which we have outgrown and need a new home), wagons, and kids’ toys. These make great items to sell, and Karrot is the perfect platform for it, especially since there are no seller or buyer fees!

If you haven’t heard of Karrot, it’s a community based marketplace app that recently launched in Chicago that allows you to sell/buy items from your neighbors. Different from other platforms, Karrot will verify your location and phone number before you get started. It is hyper local to Chicago neighborhoods and actually only allows you to buy/sell within your own community. Neighbors to neighbors. This is why I am most excited about the app! 

Another great part of the app is you can set your neighborhood range from 1mi to 30mi max., so you know you’re only buying and selling with people that are verified as your neighbor! I find this to be super helpful and so much safer to buy/sell. It also allows for more opportunities to meet fellow mom’s in your area! Build your own community while buying/selling items! 

To get started, download the free Karrot app first. It takes about 30 seconds to set up a free profile.You can start to see what’s available in your area and even set up alerts for items you are looking for (like if you are looking for a stroller or bike, create an alert – I just set one up for a bike for Noah. He’s ready for a bike without training wheels now so I am on the lookout for a new bike for him!). There’s also a favorite button to tap items that you aren’t quite ready to purchase, but you want it for the future. 

If you would like to sell (which I added so many items from my latest closet cleanout), it’s also really easy. Take a photo, add the price and details for the item. Karrot has a Seller Guide to provide some selling tips as well!

So whether you are buying, selling, donating or maybe a mix of everything, download the FREE Karrot app today and get to know some people in your neighborhood! 

Thank you to Karrot for sponsoring this post!

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