My Favorite Purchases from last year

January 13, 2024

2023 was the year I sort of experimented with a lot of beauty purchases. I turn 40 this year (oh my!), my focus is on having the best, healthiest version of me, which includes my skin. Not only skin, but I bought some staples that I use now almost daily like shampoo, serums, travel bag and more!

Snail mucin – I was a victim of Tik Tok and jumped on the snail mucin trend. Now I am obsessed. It’s great for hydration, especially during the winter. I use it before my moisturizer. You can try the trial size they sell at Target first to see if you like it. Only a tin bit is needed!

Hair gel -Yes this is for kids, BUT, I have very fine hair and it works like a charm! I now use it for slicked back buns or my flyaways. Only need a tiny bit and it doesn’t weigh down my hair.

Abercrombie Wool Coat – This was a Christmas gift to myself and I wear it ALL the down. It’s really on sale right now. Runs long, I wear a medium petite.

B12 – With it getting dark so early now, my energy runs low. I love taking this early in the morning. I find it gives me a bolt of energy and I stay more focused throughout the day.

Snail Mucin eye patches – Again with the snail mucin, I love these patches. I try to use them daily and they don’t fall down my face like the other patches.

Wide leg jeans – Apparently skinny jeans are out and wide leg (and flare) pants are in. These are high waisted too and honestly more comfortable than tighter jeans!

Blow dryer – I ditched the Revlon blow dryer brush that was super popular at the request of my hair dresser. It sort of destroyed my hair. It is just too hot for my fine hair. This dryer has Titanium technology for fast drying and helps reduce over-drying to fight frizz and enhance shine, way better for your hair!

Tru Skin serums – I LOVE THESE! Vitamin C in the morning on clean, damp skin. Both are my first step in my skin care. At night, apply on clean skin. Both keep my skin more plump and help feel tighter.

Socks – I am sort of a picky sock person (strange, I know), and these Hanes socks from Target are the best. Good for working out or around the house. Just the right thickness and length.

Scrubber – Another Tik Tok purchase for the win. I did a whole highlight video of using this but it does work on floorboards, cupboards and hard to reach places! It’s actually really powerful and saves time cleaning those tough spots. It’s not something you would use everyday, but it definitely gets the job done!

Collagen mask – I use this once a week and swear it helps keep my skin firm and plump. For being a mud mask, it’s not over drying.

Commuter bag – I bought this for our Mexico trip and it’s the best! I thought it might be too small, but it holds a lot (I had a computer, a book, toiletries) and still easy comfy and easy to carry. Would also be a great diaper bag. Love the neutral color and sleek design.

Belts – This is such a great deal on belts, 2 for $15 (on sale right now). Quality has been good for that price too.

Dermaplaning tool – I wanted to save some money when I get facials, so I started derma planing myself. It’s not perfect, but it works well enough and easy to use. I do it about once a month and use this oil on a clean face. I then do the mask listed above.

Maybelline Lipstick – I initially bought this in the color More Stone for a nude lipstick, then it quickly became my everyday color and I bought 2 more! For under $10, I highly recommend. They have a ton of colors.

Portable charger – During Windy City Smokeout last year, my phone died. I had my ticket, Ventra app and everything else stored on there. Lesson learned: I will always bring my portable charger with me for now on. This thing is small too!

Hopefully some of these are helpful for you! If you want to see some other favorites, read more here.


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