September Best Sellers

September 24, 2023

Here are some of you favorite items from September. It’s a mix of a fall sweater, anti-aging beauty products and more! One of my favorite things I bought this past month was the Target pullover! It comes in SO many color and extended sizes. Definitely recommend for fall!

September favorites from the past month

September Best Seller’s

  1. Nike socks – I love the high sock wearing look right now with work out shorts! They are also thick, not overly uncomfortable with gym shoes.
  2. Crustable cut outs – I found these cut outs for the kids lunches on Tik Tok and love! We go through so many of the frozen Crustables and they are so expensive, even in bulk. These are easy to use, but the key is not to fill them too much. They are $12 dollars on Amazon! Lot cheaper than buying them. I know make a bunch of sandwiches in the beginning of the week to have them on hand. Makes our life a lot easier in the morning!
  3. Dermaplaning tool – I started dermaplaning at Face Foundrie a year ago and now can’t go back. My makeup sits SO much better. It really does make a difference in how your makeup looks. Plus, it helps with anti-aging as well. But it can get pricey at the spa if you go a lot. The tools are sharp enough to get most of the hair (it’s not as best as the spa, but close enough). Short, quick movements upwards against the hair with an oil and you can derma plane yourself!
  4. Anti-aging mud mask – I saw this on Amazon with almost 40k reviews and 4.8 stars. I had to try it. I’ve been using it for the past month and LOVE it. I use it once a week and it’s not drying for a mud mask! It really has hydrated my skin and has been it so much smoother after I use it.
  5. Face Oil – I use a little to dermaplane, gua sha or the last step in my skin care routine to lock in all the serums. It’s heavy, but very moisturizing and you only need a little bit.
  6. Target pullover – My favorite purchase so far this fall! Lots of colors, extended sizes and I bought a small because I wanted more of a cropped look. The collar is the best part of it!

And that’s it! These are 6 of your favorites this past month. I will be back next month with your favs. If you are looking for some more of my favorite picks, you can subscribe to my weekly newsletter where I share my top Friday Five favs of the week every Friday!

We are kicking off all things fall that you can see here!


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