Chicago Neighborhoods: Pilsen in the Fall

September 8, 2023

Pilsen, a neighborhood in Chicago

For some that don’t know, Manny was born in Pilsen and lived for many years. His grandmother, aunt, and cousins still live there and we visit often. It’s a neighborhood that means a lot to our family, so I am happy to share some of our favorite spots 🙂

Coffee & Breakfast

Activities & Outings

Lunch, Brunch, & Snacks

  • Frida Room – Great for brunch!
  • El Milagro – Cafeteria style, love the mole.
  • Carnitas Urupan – The best Carnitas and Chicharrones in Chicago since 1975!
  • Rubi’s Chicago – Used to be at the Maxwell St. Market but is now a brick-and-mortar shop. Huge tacos!
  • Carniceria Mirabel – Amazing taco, bodega and butcher shop


  • 5 Rabanitos – one of our favorite spots, right by the National Museum of Mexican Art.
  • Los Comales – Great spicy chorizo, on 18th St.
  • Carnitas Uruapan – The famous carnitas! It’s a classic and has been around for a long time.
  • La Mejikana – Upscale Mexican food with cocktails. Inside a 100-year-old building!


  • La Luna – Go for the drinks (the watermelon margarita is chef’s kiss), and stay for the food and vibes.
  • Del Toro – Best margaritas in the city, my personal favorite!
  • Lo Rez Brewing and Taproom – Housemade craft brews in a warehouse-like space.

Fall Events:

21st Annual Pilsen Mexican Independence Day Parade – Saturday, September 9, 2023

Día de Muertos, Living Presence – Exhibit at the National Mexican Art Museum, Sep 22 – Dec 10, 2023

Día de Los Muertos Xicágo at NMMA – October 28, 2023

Pilsen Brew-Ja Crawl – October 28, 2023

Pilsen Gourmet – Friday, November 10 · 7 – 10 pm. Use my code “Goodlife” for 10% off!

If you want more fall Chicago things, you can read more here. I hope some of these suggestions help and if you have any more ideas, let me know!


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