What I bought from Amazon and Target this Spring

March 29, 2023

After my winter hibernation, I tend to want to go through my closet, get rid and donate a ton of things and get a fresh start. I see what fits and doesn’t, look at makeup expiration dates and organize my skincare. I start to buy things that I will wear throughout the next few months. This season, I bought some Amazon and Target beach items, new jewelry, updated skincare and some basic pieces that will carry me throughout the season! So here are a few things I bought!

Clothes and Accessories

1.Layered initial necklace 2. Designer dupe earrings 3. Sweater. Love, love this bright color. 4. Pink purse from Target. 5. Stacked Target rings 6. Adjustable Adidas hat. 7. Target cropped sweatshirt 8. Beach coverup 9. Sunglasses 10. Clear bag. I took this to Spring Training and it was perfect for games! 11. Beach bag. Doesn’t hold sand! 12. Amazon Bottega dupe bag

Beauty and Hair accessories

What I bought this spring season from Amazon and Target

1.Body oil mist. Love this when I am super dry! 2. Cuticle oil. It helps with nail growth! 3. Hair extensions. I wear the color 60. 4. Hydro Boost moisturizer. I love this! It’s also cheaper to do a monthly Amazon subscription 5. Hair claw 6. Glossier highlighter. You can apply it with your finger. It’s really pretty layered over blush. 7. Serums. Morning and night serums. My skins feels dry and dull when I don’t use them. It’s my first step in my skincare. 8. Glossier Brow Gel. I use it daily! 9. Undereye Masks– keep them in the fridge. 10. NYX Lip. Long-lasting! 11. Mascara– discovered it from the viral Tik Tok 12. Beachwaver– I bought a bigger size. Best curling iron!

These are a few of my favorites from Amazon and Target items right now! If you have any questions, let me know!


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