5 Chicago Museum exhibits to visit right now

March 30, 2022

There have been lots of new exhibits opening in Chicago recently and it’s just in time for spring and summer break! I’ve personally been to all of these and couldn’t recommend them enough.

Two are great for older kids and/or adults and three are more family friendly.

Always check each exhibits website just in case any information has changed! Add these to your bucketlist now!

The March Exhibit + virtual reality

The March Exhibit + virtual reality at the DuSable Museum African American Museum in Hyde Park. This exhibit takes you on a virtual reality back to the March on Washington! It’s super interactive and takes about an hour to go through the entire museum. Viola Davis and Time Magazine are the producers of The March.

You can learn a lot about Chicago’s Black leaders and overall, lots of Chicago history I had never learned in history books. I recommend The March (virtual reality) for older kids because you do have to wear a headset the entire time. It’s FREE on Wednesdays, but reservations are still required.

DuSable Museum and the new March exhibit

The Adler Planetarium is back it open! There’s not necessary a new exhibit, but since it’s been closed for so long, it might be time to go back! It reopened back up for the first time in almost TWO YEARS on March 4th. They are having FREE Wednesday evenings for all Illinois residents, so I would definitely check out if you are local on spring break or summer!

Museum of Science and Industry: Art of Brick

The Museum of Science and Industry now as the The Art of Brick until September! This is the BEST with young kids or any Lego lovers. Everything is made of of brick from Brick Artist, Nathan Saway. He takes art work and uses Legos to recreate them. It’s so cool. Definitely recommend. Tickets for this exhibit are additional on top of admission, but take advantage of the FREE days if you can!

Immersive Frida Kahlo

This is at the same place as the Van Gogh exhibit in Old Town. I love love this for a date night. It’s not the best for younger kids. They take her art work and tell a “story” of her life through music and her art. Very cool! Tickets are on the high end, so it would make a nice special occasion night out.

Frida Kahlo immersive experience in Old Town

Frida Kahlo immersive experience in old town in a a new, great chicago museum exhibit right now

Chicago History Museum

I hadn’t been to this museum in years, but they just opened up a child friendly City on Fire exhibit for children under 13 to learn about Chicago’s Fire. It’s really cool and interactive. Illinois residents under 18 are free! It takes you on a timeline of the events leading up to the fire and the aftermath. There are artifacts from 1871, videos, photos and different things for kids to touch and see.

Chicago Fire new exhibit at the Chicago History Museum

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Hope some of these are useful! There is so much to do and there are always new exhibits opening up! Follow along on IG and TheChicagoGoodLIfe.


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