Chicago Small Business Gift Guide 2021

November 23, 2021

This might be my favorite gift guide I have done. Here are 14 of the best (and my favorite) gifts from Chicago small businesses!

Chicago small business gift guide!


1. Chicago Candle

This adorable candle is from a store that has been on Armitage Avenue in Lincoln Park for awhile now, All She Wrote. They have beautiful stationary and other gifts this holiday season! Love this gift for a hostess or even grab bag with friends.

2. Monogrammed Cutting Board

Also from the same store as the previous gift, All She Wrote has a lot of gifts that can be monogrammed. This cutting board would be nice for a housewarming or hostess gift! It’s under $40 too.

3. Chicago Sweatshirt at Alice & Wonder

One of my favorite Chicago boutiques in the city! I have another color in this sweatshirt and it’s so comfortable! It would make a nice gift for someone who is Chicago homesick or maybe moving to the city!

4. Bath Set at Hazel Chicago

This gift set from Hazel Chicago which is located in North Center has a lot of gift set options if you are exchanging with friends or coworkers that are under $50.

5. Moving to Chicago Mug

The BEST gift for someone moving or recently moved to Chicago! It’s from a small business on Etsy!

6. Monroe Detail novel

This novel is near and dear to my heart…why? Because the author is MY DAD! This passion project turned quarantine project has now made him a published author! How cool is that? The story is loosely based on a true story right here in Chicago. It’s an easy read, definitely something you can take with you on vacation over the holidays and finish in a few days! If you read it, let me know. I will then let you know what parts are true and what isn’t 🙂 If you have a Chicago history nerd in your life, they will LOVE this book!

7. Neighborly Recycled Wine Glasses

This local store is located in Lincoln Square and Wicker Park. I love it! They have some really nice home gifts, including these hand blown recycled wine glasses. They have a few different kinds available. Love it for a hostess gift!

8. Bed Wine by Sassy Confetti

One of my near and dear friends started her own collection of Bed Wine. Literally wine to sip on while in bed watching housewives. They are so cute and she also has a holiday collection! Use code GOODLIFE and you will get 10% off!

9. Chicago Neighborhood Candle

I love these for someone who has just moved into a new neighborhood! They have these candles for lots of different Chicago neighborhoods!

10. Foursided Wrigley Print

This Andersonville or Lakeview store is another one of my favorites. This Wrigley print runs about $40 and just needs to be framed!

11. Chicago Dog print

This print runs for $30 and I think it is so cute! Especially over a bar cart? I love it! It just needs to be framed and maybe pair it with a local hot dog stand gift card and the perfect Chicago gift!

12. Transit Tees Loop Game

I know in quarantine board games really made a comeback and maybe not as cool to play, but I still love to play them! I am taking a holidays trip with my friends and we are still bringing games to play! Transit Tee has some really cute Chicago gifts. So much made locally here in their Wicker Park shop, like this game!

13. Lincoln Park Mug at Art Effect

This Lincoln Park store has been around forever! In my DePaul days, this would be my go-to for all my parents gifts! And years and years later, they still carry very cool gifts!

14. Handmade Plant Stand with Stand Tall

These are locally handmade plant stands! How cool is that?! She has different sizes and they can be used for a side table or plant stand. We have ours in our living room and love it! If you DM her on IG, you can get 10% your order!

Hope some of these help! I would love to know which ones you love! And if you need more Chicago content, follow along here.




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