Details on our Chicago move

It’s crazy we have been in our new home for little over a week now. The move wasn’t that the smoothest towards the end, but we made it. Yay! I don’t know how we did it, but maybe because we hate living in boxes with stuff everywhere so now it’s just decorating/furniture time. 🙂

The kids are also settling in nicely, which gives us a peace of mind (and more sleep!) Now I can get a chance to share all the businesses we used to help our move go well. If you are moving soon, hopefully some of these help!

We use Redbox for our Chicago move and they were the best! They drop off and pick up the boxes along with tape, bubble wrap and labels.

Danny Lewis and his team are wonderful! We went to DePaul with Danny and have known him for a long time now. Eva, who is on his team, did an amazing job selling our place within days! It went so quickly. We blinked and our condo was sold in two open houses.

Danny found our place that is perfect for us! He is super knowledgeable on the market and works quickly to get what you want. He’s also great at the behind the scenes negotiating so that’s always a plus.


You probably saw these red boxes all over my stories. WE LOVED THEM. So much easier than cardboard boxes. They drop them off along with bubble wrap, tape, labels, etc. You choose your drop off and pick up date with an option to extend them for longer. I have asked them for a code with no luck, but definitely recommend using.

It also forces you to unpack faster so the boxes don’t just sit around. Genius business idea!


Towards the end of our move, the closing date moved around a few times (at no fault to our realtor). Our movers, On Demand USA were SO flexible. They are a newish moving company and don’t have a ton of Yelp reviews yet, but their customer service was 10/10. They never charged us with changing the date so many times, the move went super quickly and the movers were very nice and efficient. We had to store our things for a few nights and felt totally comfortable doing so in their secure location. Check out their Google reviews for some more great experiences.

Move in Clean

We used Hags with Rags and liked it a lot! We will be using them for our monthly cleans from now on. I will say this was our first move in clean and they are NOT cheap. We weren’t planning on having one done, but since our moving date kept getting changed around, we decided to splurge for it. I will say that their monthly cleans are MUCH cheaper.

Carpet Cleaners

We now have a lot more rooms in this home and some of the carpet is pretty beat up. We have used the Carpet Cleaning Group before and really liked them. They are super reasonable (especially compared to some other companies), they are fast, use clean products safe for our dog. Everything is booked online (I did it through Yelp). Very easy.

I would say above was our moving Dream Team. Haha I am glad we found them all. Below are some other random tips that helped us with this move.

Air Mattress– We bought two of these to sleep on once all our things were in storage. This was probably the most comfortable air mattress I’ve ever slept on. We got them at Target for round $65 for a queen size and they inflate in 2-3 minutes with an attached pump. It’s so easy!

We use garment boxes to help move our clothes and store them. It makes it so easy to unpack!

Wardrobe boxes– We have had these for a few years to keep our winter clothes in and they are so easy to move with. It helps unpack quickly too. We bought them from Amazon.

If you want some other Chicago content, head on over to that page on the blog. Otherwise hopefully some of these are helpful! Let me know if you have any questions!

Until next time,


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