Self-care in one hour

April 30, 2020

13 ways to enjoy some selfcare this Mother's Day or while we are on quarantine. There are also a few local Chicago companies to help support as well!

SHOP THIS GUIDE: No. 1 Patchology for eyes // No. 2 Ezza Toughen Up at Home Nail Kit // No. 3 Ipsy Glam Bag // No. 4 Studio Three Class // No. 5 Let’s that Sh** Go Journal // No. 6 Olaplex Hair Treatment // No. 7 Self Care stickers // No. 8 Scratch Goods Self Care Kit // No. 9 City Winery Rose // No. 10 Tula // No. 11 Revlon One Step Dryer // No. 12 Get it from my Mama Candle // No. 13 Fleur de Diamant Chicago preserved roses

How this came about..

Since we are all inside these days and life isn’t quite normal, it’s important to take care of ourselves now more than ever. However, I don’t think I have ever worked this hard. Having both kids at home all day and inside for most of the day has been super hard. Keeping them away from Manny while he works is like an obstacle course everyday. It’s just exhausting. I was running out of steam and patience very quickly.

About week 2 into quarantine, Manny and I decided on a new plan. Each weekend, we both would get an hour to ourselves while we took turns watching the kids. I could sleep, do nothing, workout, catch up on emails, etc. It would be some uninterrupted time just for myself.

That’s where this list came about. For the past few weekends, I would just lock myself in the bathroom, pour some coffee or wine and just take my time getting ready, pamper myself, etc. It would any type of selfcare I would need at the time. Many of these things I own and do often, so I’m happy to share them with you or answer any questions you might have!

I also incorporated many local Chicago companies as well to try and support our community as much as we can.

I hope you enjoy it!

Selfcare ideas

No. 1 Patchology for eyes– $15

I actually got this in a FoxTrot self care bundle and I feel like I’ve always seen them on Vanderpump Rules. Haha. So it was my first time trying it and THEY WORK. You leave them on for 10 minutes or longer and it definitely helps with depuffing and dark circles. I ordered 2 more packs that week.

No. 2 Ezza Toughen Up at Home Nail Kit– $45

A Chicago nail salon that is one of the best is now selling kits to be shipped directly to you. I can’t wait for mine to arrive. They are also now offering FREE gift wrap with code MOTHERSDAY. They sold out very quickly with their last kit, so order now if you are interested!

No. 3 Ipsy Glam Bag– $13 monthly

I’ve been sharing this for a little while on my stories now and I really like the monthly subscription. I get to try makeup AND skincare, which I am really focused more on now than ever. I haven’t disliked any monthly bags yet.

No. 4 Studio Three Class

I have been in a partnership with this gym since February and I can’t say enough about it. They have child care, the instructors remember your name and there are so many different types of classes offered. They now have a Zoom membership (along with FREE Instagram classes) and classes are 20-60 minutes long. You could workout, shower, and get glammed up in one hour! If you have any questions about how the Zoom classes work, let me know.

When you purchase a class pack or gift card to use at a later time, use code CPS320 to receive 20% off class packages. Offer valid through reopening date and all packs have a 12 month expiration.

No. 5 Let’s that Sh** Go Journal $8.99

I just ordered this journal to start journaling in the morning. Self care is much more than pampering I think. It’s also taking care emotionally and mentally, which I feel is probably being tested more now than ever.

No. 6 Olaplex Hair Treatment $28

I do this hair treatment about once a week. I think it helps strengthen fine hair over time. And a LITTLE goes a long way. I’ve had this for a few months now.

No. 7 Self Care stickers $7.99

A friend actually suggested these stickers, which I think are a cute idea. You could put these on your bathroom mirror, computer or journal. A little positive affirmation for self care is something we could all use.

No. 8 Scratch Goods Self Care Kit $35

A local Chicago company located in the West Loop that has masks, scrubs, salt soaks and more. I just ordered one for my mom, I think it makes a great Mother’s Day gift.

No. 9 City Winery Rose $18

A bottle of Rose from City Winery would make a great gift for a mom or yourself, plus it’s local!

No. 10 Tula

So many of you have been following along my skincare journey the past year and know I love Tula. I started with the Anti Aging Kit (which is sold out unfortunately), but the three products I love are the Cult Cleanser, 24/7 Hydrating Moisturizer and the Rose Glow Under Eye Brightener (I use this multiple times a day). For 15% off, you can use this link for first time orders!

No. 11 Revlon One Step Dryer $56

I am sure you have seen this or even own it yourself, but I love it! It cuts down the drying time in half and the blow outs add so much volume. The blow outs last for at least 2-3 days.

No. 12 Get it from my Mama Candle $22

This candle is from Alice and Wonder which is one of my favorite Chicago boutiques. This candle makes a great Mother’s Day gift and they have other cute Chicago sweaters and shirts as well.

No. 13 Fleur de Diamant Chicago preserved roses $15

This is a Chicago company that preserves roses and flowers to last up to 3 years. Perfect for a bathroom, coffee table or your work from home desk! They ship across the country too! Great for Mother’s Day.

That’s it! Although there are so many ways to give yourself some self care, here are just a few I love and practice myself.

I hope you all are hanging in there and staying healthy.

Talk soon,


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