January Recap

February 15, 2020

Ok, I know it’s mid February, but better late than never right? I used to do these monthly recaps all the time, I need to get back on it. So here is everything going on this past January!

Home Life

I officially declared January our unhealthiest month on record. I had a sinus turned ear infection the entire month (3 rounds of antibiotics and two rounds of steroids!), Noah had pink eye. Mila had a small amount of fluid in her lung, which led us to several doctor appointments. She ended up with a double ear infection. THEN we found out Mila is allergic to amoxicillin. What. A. Month.

To top of it off, the night before Noah’s birthday, we ended up in the ER for Mila’s allergic reaction and Noah and I got a 24 hour weird flu bug. I mean, it was nuts.

But we are all on the mend and I feel like our new year really began in February, not January. Ha!

Around our home, we’ve been doing some major redecorating. We seriously had furniture from Manny’s single days! Once it’s done, I will share it.

On the blog

I am going to be pretty honest, I have had some setbacks this past month. Several deals fell through and I am getting some pretty awful collaboration requests (think diet pills or tights on Amazon. NO THANKS). Maybe I’m too picky, but nothing I like is coming through. And you guys wouldn’t like it either.

I don’t usually talk to much about behind the scenes stuff, but I’ve had some brands I really want to work with and share with you all go to other bloggers with more of a following. Which makes sense! But still sucks. Just like any other job, you have some great moments and some really bad ones.

BUT I DID HIT 10k! That was pretty awesome! The CGL community that has been built over years has been incredible. To me, that’s more important than any other brand partnership or the amount of followers I have. So thank you!!

CGL hit 10k this January! Best part of the recap.
CHICAGO mural is located in Logan Square on Milwaukee Ave.
Places I loved eating at

Here’s a few great meals I’ve had over the month.

Homeslice has a great happy hour that we did this January
Happy hour at HomeSlice
Sweater: Amazon // Jeans: Old Navy Rockstar Jeans
Bar at Boqueria
Brunch at Joe's Imports was one of my favorites this January!
Jeans: Old Navy // Sweater: Amazon // headband: Amazon
Some things I have been loving

I was finally influenced on a few things and bought the Revlon hair dryer. Who know the one that everyone is talking about? Haha. I used it on a trip with my friends months before and loved it. So I bought and LOVE it. A few things I’ve learned over the month using it:

  • It cuts down on drying time by half.
  • It does get really hot! I use the low setting and high just for the last few minutes of drying.
  • It helps with flyaways. I have a ton of baby hair growth still from Mila and the dryers helps tame those.
  • You absolutely need a thermal conditioner. I like this Biolage one. It works with my thin hair.
This was just after using the Revlon hair dryer
This is right after I used the dryer. I get a lot more volume and a lot less flyaways.

Lastly, one of my 2020 goals is to pay some extra love to my skin. I caved in and bought an anti-aging starter kit from Tula and the Cooling and Brightening Eye Balm. I have used the eye balm a few times and have to say, I LOVE IT. I haven’t used the starter kit yet, but I will give you a full review of everything once I give it a few weeks!

So that was our January! Do you like when I do these? Let me know and I can try to keep up with it.

Until next time,


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