The Best Chicago Coffee Shops

January 23, 2020

Coffee shops are my happy place. I think Chicago coffee shops are sometimes a window into the community. You can meet people, get to know your neighbors and there is just a sense of community. I just love them! There are so many great shops in Chicago, but here are 10 favorite coffee shops I love right now. This will be an ongoing list, so I will add onto it and would love some of your favorite places too!

Sip and Savor

There are a few locations, but we went to the Hyde Park location with outdoor seating. They have lots of variety with many different kinds of mocha and smoothie drinks. This one below is the iced honey latte with oat milk. So good!


Passion House Coffee

Located in Logan Square, this modern shop includes a very grammable neon sign and some delicious lattes and coffee. I personally like the oat milk latte or the Wildflower Honey latte. If you like iced year round like me, the iced coffee comes with a homemade marshmallow on top! They also serve a single-origin Ecuadorian blend that I tried. It was kind of chocolate tasting, yum!

Iced coffee and Wildflower Latte
Necessary & Sufficient Coffee

I was invited by the owner to come try this little Logan Square gem (like real small, 4 chairs at a bar only) and I fell in love. I brought Manny back a few days later. The ceiling is hand painted roses by the owner and her daughter named several of the speciality lattes like the “Close Female Friendship” which is a beet and vanilla based latte, which I loved. There is also the El Diablito Caliente, which is a spicy latte made which has a kick of habanero, that I want to try next time. Just a cozy, neighborhood shop!

The hand painted mural at Necessary and Sufficient Coffee was painted by the owner. Such a cute shop in Logan square.
The hand painted mural by the owner
Fox Trot

I think I have been to almost all the Fox Trot’s in the city and found my favorite. The Southport location is just the cutest. They have a nice seating area in back with wicker swings and tables to hang out for awhile. They serve Metric coffee, which is one of my favs!

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Foxtrot on Southport has a seating area in back and the coffee bar is upfront.
Cute seating area in the back
Spoken Cafe

This cafe is close to Noah and Mila’s pediatrician, so I like to make a stop whenever we are in Ravenswood. It’s a small cafe under the train tracks serving organic coffee and food with a little cajun flair! (the owners are from Louisiana). I had the Snap Latte made with mexican chocolate and cinnamon syrup. So good!

Printer’s Row

Ok I will admit it. I came here at least twice a week (if not more) last summer when Mila was tiny and we needed to get out of the house. They don’t have a lot of food options, but have almost every milk alternative out there. My absolute favorite, which you probably have seen all over my insta stories is the Cinnamon Toast Iced latte with oat milk. ORDER IT! It’s like a dessert in a cup.

Also, they are not located in Printer’s Row, but Lincoln Park. The owner explained why they opened it here in the comments in my Instagram post.

Small coffee shop located on Lincoln Avenue
Colectivo Coffee

This Milwaukee based cafe has just as many food options as they are drinks. I went to the Wicker Park location and had these cookie dough balls and they were AMAZING. My go-to drink order is either the Honey Almond au lait (half espresso, half almond milk with honey) and the Iced Horchata coffee. Both are the best.

Iced Horchate and Honey Almond au lait from Colectivo. It's my two favorite coffee drinks here.
Iced Horchata and Honey Almond au lait
HERO Coffee Bar

Probably one of the most grammable spots in the city and they are super charitable. There’s are so many locations now throughout the downtown area and West Loop.

They donate $1 from their wholesale coffee and retail to give toward Chicago charities. That’s so great! I love their light roast blend coffee or the seasonal drink, Chocolate Pumpkin latte (they could probably still make it for you!)

Iced Pumpkin Chocolate latte
True North Cafe

I found this coffee spot while discovering Andersonville with Noah and Mila over the summer. They serve Metropolis Coffee and have a pretty large food menu, including some tasty bagel sandwich options. I ordered the Cardamom Lavender Latte and it was one of the better lattes I had all summer. Plus, this place is very aesthetically pleasing for the ‘gram with it’s blue and yellow tones. They also have a location in Hyde Park as well.

True North Cafe
Werewolf Coffee

This was the very first place I went to alone with both kids when Mila was just a newborn. So I will forever love it. Ha 🙂 The decor is awesome with the old Wonder Bread truck inside of it. It’s also a great place to work because it’s always so quiet every-time I go and has a good amount of space. They have awesome seasonal iced teas, CBD lattes, and my personal favorite, the Sweet Beet Latte. They serve Metric, Dark Matter coffee and a few other brands.

The beet latte from Werewolf Coffee is my go-to order here!
Portage Grounds

This cute shop is located in Portage Park, right across the street from the park. It’s pretty small, but so cozy. They have a small office you can rent and even a printer to use for everyone. The Lumberjack Latte is made natural syrup and cinnamon is delicious. A close second for me would be the Pumpkin Coconut latte!

Lumberjack Latte and the Pumpkin Coconut
Philz Coffee

Now in Hyde Park, Lincoln park, Wicker Park and Evanston. Newish to Chicago from San Francisco, they do not serve espresso, coffee drinks only. I love, LOVE their iced coffee selections. Their Mint Mojito (made the house way) is so good! I also like the Gingerbread iced coffee too. I haven’t tried any of the food, but they do a quite a variety of breakfast/lunch options too.

The Mint Mojito coffee at Philz is one of my favorite drinks of all time.

So that’s it! Let me know what you think? And I also lied. There are 11 spots here, but who’s counting. Ha

I am sure there are so many more coffee shops I could add on here. If you need some other Chicago ideas right now, here is my current bucketlist!


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