Growing an Instagram and blog right now

July 22, 2019

I want to first say, I am not a social media expert, let alone an Instagram pro. These are just my opinions and some things I have been thinking about for awhile now. So don’t @ me ok…:)


My account did not grow overnight. It has taken years to grow. It first started in 2015 when I was working full time and just newly married. Years have past and now it’s taken more of a business role in my life, but it’s still taking time to grow. I have worked very hard to grow a community versus a “following”, so I don’t really look at the numbers too much. I try to think more in terms of quality over quality, although, it’s definitely easier said than done.

There seems to be a lot of focus on growing quickly with PayPal giveaways or Peloton bike giveaways. Honestly, it’s all garbage. Don’t do it. Slow and steady wins it all. Plus, you will never get your ideal follower that way. They will unfollow you immediately or just not engage in your content. Brands have also wised up and now have ways to check your insights and will know if your followers are engaged, fake or just not your ideal following.

It’s not easy to do because you really have to find like minded followers, but at the end of the day, why wouldn’t you want similar people following you? Honestly, I would rather meet people and have a community over a so called “following”.

A while ago, I asked everyone what are some of their qualities they want to see from bloggers. Here is what you all were saying:

Some of the things you all were saying:

  • Over curated Instagram feeds
  • The whole “this is me” posts over and over again
  • Excessive sponsored and hosted posts (My feed is 14% sponsored, you can find out your % through IZEA. Learn more about that here.)
  • Pushy affiliate links (example..Nordstrom Anniversary Sale)- even when bloggers don’t purchase those items themselves

I seriously couldn’t agree with this more. And what’s funny is, I am 100% guilty of all these things at times. Sorry, but almost all bloggers are. But I think one trend we can all agree on is the days of having the most perfect feed, stories and all the fluff gone. Right now, to grow your Instagram account you need to show you are a real person. Share what you love. Not every Instagram photo or post has to bring value. Sometimes being relatable is just as important, if not more.

There’s also this big push right now to have a “niche” because it helps you account grow. Which I totally get, but what if I just want to be me? I am my own niche, we all are. Why can’t I be a mom, that likes food, fashion, cocktails and travel? I don’t fit into one category, people don’t work that way. Most people love so many different things, so I shouldn’t I share it all, even though it might not be my “niche”…? Something to think about when starting your social media.

To wrap this all up, be yourself. Find like minded people. NETWORK! Share what you love. People like you WILL find you. And it won’t happen overnight!

Hopefully this is helpful!



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