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My thoughts on Instagram and blogging lately…

My thoughts on Instagram and blogging after taking a little bit of a break from posting and what I want from now on.

Lately, I’ve been going through a bit of an Instagram and blog drought. It’s not like I don’t have any content, because I do. I have tons of ideas and photos to share, but here is my dilemma. Is it “instagram worthy”? Will people read it? Will they like it? I shared this dilemma with you all and my recent frustrations with social media and I got SO SO SO MANY (not actually made up, haha) on how many of you were feeling the same. So here are my thoughts lately and some changes you are going to see now.

Some of the things you all were saying:

  • Over curated Instagram feeds
  • The whole “this is me” posts over and over again
  • Excessive sponsored and hosted posts (My feed is 14% sponsored, you can find out your % through IZEA. Learn more about that here.)
  • Pushy affiliate links (example..Nordstrom Anniversary Sale)- even when bloggers don’t purchase those items themselves
  • Desperately wanting the Instagram likes to disappear

I seriously couldn’t agree with this more. And what’s funny is, I am 100% guilty of all these things. Sorry, but almost all bloggers are. I want everything to look near perfect, land some really great collaborations and I do have some affiliate links to share. But when I asked who some of your favorite bloggers were, I found a few things in common with most of them. These accounts weren’t:

  • Over sponsored
  • Over curated (edited, but not heavily filtered)
  • There were a mix of everything; family, food, friends. REAL LIFE
  • Most importantly, the accounts you liked WERE REAL PEOPLE DOING REAL THINGS and sharing what they love.

What that means for CGL?

After stalking some new Instagram feeds and really thinking about what I want for CGL, I am going to try to just share what I want to share. Even if it means losing some followers and getting less likes along the way. I shouldn’t be hesitant to share a photo with Manny and I or something with my kids just because it might not fit into my Instagram feed. That’s silly. If want to share a selfie of Mila in the store, then I am going to do that!

Target selfies
Target Toy aisle selfies

There’s also this big push right now to have a “niche” because it helps your account grow. Which I totally get, but what if I just want to be me? I am my own niche, we all are. Why can’t I be a mom, that likes food, fashion, cocktails and travel? I don’t fit into one category, people don’t work that way. Most people love so many different things, so I shouldn’t I share it all, even though it might not be my “niche”…?

This is something Alex, from Sassy Confetti and I talk about all the time. It’s not easy to do because you really have to find like minded followers, but at the end of the day, why wouldn’t you want similar people following you? Honestly, I would rather meet people and have a community over a so called “following”.

Not every Instagram photo or post has to bring value, this is something I need to “retrain” my mindset. Sometimes being relatable is just as important, if not more.

So with that all being said, I’ll be sharing more personal in the moments and really trying to just share what I love, without being worried about Instagram likes. I will continue to try to collaborate with brands I LOVE (I really try to choose them carefully…) and share quality stuff with you all, even if its not “perfect”.

What do you all think? Share some of your feelings below!

Until next time,


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