What we bought for baby number 2

November 14, 2018

As we are counting down the days until baby number 2 arrives and we picked up a few things we never had with our first born. Isn’t it crazy there are lots of new items that have come out in just a few short years? I couldn’t believe it. As much as we can, I think we are ready 🙂 So here is our list and now let the waiting game begin!

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what we bought for baby number 2
Skip Hop Bag// Target or Amazon
what we bought for baby number 2

Swaddles– With baby number one, we bought all the fancy swaddles. Recently, I discovered the Cloud Island at Target and it’s just as good as some of the fancy baby lines out there, except at more than half the cost. These swaddles are just as good and I love all the patterns and colors they come in. 

Not only do they work just as well as other brands, they hold up well in the wash 🙂

Diapers– When we were pregnant the first round, I heard conflicting things about ordering diapers ahead of time. Then, reality hit and learned quickly that newborns go through SO MANY DIAPERS! Like 8-10 a day. It was mind blowing.

During quarantine, we eventually did an Amazon Subscribe and Save which was a lifesaver not having to leave the house.

diapers are necessary for baby number 2
NEW (92 of 98)
diapers are necessary for baby number 2

Binxy Baby- This is another new item that we never had with Noah and I remember seeing a mom with this in the grocery store and thinking GENIUS! The Binxy connects inside the cart so baby can lie in the hammock without having to use the car seat. Which takes up the entire cart. It saves room, keeps them safe and secure, all while maintaining eye contact. If you are using the car seat, there is a strap that secures the seat to the car and it goes directly into the Binxy. It fits all standard sized metal and plastic shopping carts that are 20-24 inches wide. There are lots of designs to choose from and they are machine washable, which is important since it is in a grocery cart.

You can learn more about the product here. I am excited to give it a try and will be back to review it once we have used it a few times. If you would like to try it out for yourself and get 10% off, use this code.

Binxy Baby for baby number 2
Binxy Baby for baby number 2
Binxy Baby for baby number 2

This section of the post is in partnership with Binxy

Update: April 2019

After having baby number 2, I gave the Binxy a try. I admit that I was super nervous at first. Was it going to be safe? Will she like it? Verdict: totally safe, harnessed in and it makes shopping with her older brother a lot easier.

Diaper Backpack

Ok, I know we all have diaper bags, BUT, the first time around I bought an over shoulder bag and it was a mistake. I need all my hands FREE! When you carrying a car seat with a baby in it, a blanket, and a diaper bag, it’s a lot. As soon as we got pregnant, I knew we needed to upgrade our bag. I absolutely love this Skip Hop Bag  on Amazon or available at Target, a great addition to a registry.

I’ve been using it for awhile now (it was a Mother’s Day gift!), it’s durable, has a ton of room and super easy to clean. Not to mention it’s super cute. It might be a little more expensive than other bags, but it’s worth it. It’s actually currently packed now as our hospital bag ready to go at the door 🙂

best skip hop backpack for baby number 2
NEW (22 of 98)
NEW (25 of 98)
best skip hop backpack


This has been widely popular right after our first son and I have heard some really great things about it. We got the 0-8 months dock for now, but they offer a grand size for 9-36 months.

The plan is to co sleep with her, so the DockATot will make it safer for her in our bed. It also offers a snug and soothing environment for babies because of the cozy surrounding that mimics the mother’s womb. Anything that helps mom and dad sleep, I’ll take it!

Another aspect that will help is it helps with tummy time. This was such a struggle for us the first time again! It took awhile for Noah to get used to it, so I’m glad this will help her develop neck strength while we monitor her during play time.

There are a lot of slip covers to choose from, but the best part is they are machine washable.

(This section was gifted by DockATot)

DockATot for baby number 2
Dockatot for baby number 2
Dockatot for baby number 2
NEW (56 of 98)

HP Photo Printer

This might be super surprising, but we bought an HP photo printer! Why would we need this for the baby? Well, we are big fans of printing out photos and framing them, but since she will be here right before the holidays, we plan on doing our own holidays cards! We will also use if for birth announcements as well.

This printer is wireless, so you can send photos directly to from your phone to the printer. All you need to do is purchase photo paper and you can print any size photo. It’s one of those items that comes in handy during holidays and printing grandma and grandpa photos for gifts, they love that! It runs around $100, but last year, our holiday cards were around $50 and don’t even get me started with the cost of birth announcements….in the long run, it’s a cost effective way to printing photos. You can learn more info here.

HP Printer for baby number 2
HP Printer for baby number 2
HP Printer for baby number 2
NEW (76 of 98)
HP Printer for baby number 2

So that’s it! I hope some of these help you. Let me know if you have any questions or even if you have used any of these! As always, thanks for following along and you can sign up for weekly emails here and on Instagram.

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