Stroller Strides Review: A fitness class for moms

September 28, 2018

Ever since we decided I would leave my full time job and stay at home with Noah, finding time to workout was difficult. I missed that ‘me’ time. I also like to fill our days with lots of activities and keep busy, so when Fit4Mom reached out about Stroller Strides, it would be a great chance to get out of the house with him, all while getting my workout in.

I didn’t know much about what Stroller Strides was or how it worked. What I did know was that Noah had to sit in the stroller for a 60 minute class while I exercised. Excited to start, I was a little hesitant that he wouldn’t be able to stay in the stroller for that long while I had “mommy time”. He really didn’t like to be in the stroller much these days.

Stroller Strides with fit4mom in Chicago


There are several Stroller Strides locations across the Chicagoland area and even the nation, so it was easy for us to find a location by us. For class, we needed a yoga mat and various workout equipment such as a resistance band and tube, the stroller and lots of snacks, games and toys for Noah. When we got there for our first class, to my surprise, there were several moms with children of all ages. Newborns until at least 4 years old. Before class began, the children were running around and playing with each other, while the moms prep for class and socialize with each other. I immediately felt at ease.

Right before class begins, we are encouraged to strap our children securely into the strollers and get them settled.

Stroller Strides with fit4mom in Chicago

I was still hesitant how Noah was going to be in the stroller, but I came prepared with all his favorites. Class started with a warm up and a brief introduction of all the moms and their kids. Then we were off!

The Structure

I quickly learned that the structure of the class makes it go by so, so fast! It is comprised of strength training, cardio and ends with core work and stretching. There is a set of cardio and strength intervals at one location and then we would move or ‘stroll’ to the next. The option to run in between locations is always up to you, which is another way to get in cardio. I like the pace of this because it keeps the kiddos engaged. Noah always wanted me to run “faster mommy, faster”, which is motivating AND engaging for him.

I will admit that Noah was fussy about half way into the first class (and a few after that), but a fellow mom gave him a toy to play with (thanks Holly!), and he ended up wanting that toy every time we went. But whatever works right? He eventually learned our new routine and seemed to enjoy it.

The instructor sang songs, brought bubbles, and tried to keep the children entertained while moms worked out. But if your babies cried, it’s ok! We all understood it. That’s one of the best parts of Stroller Strides, it’s really a community of moms. We all get to share our ups and down of motherhood, share advice and get some adult time in. It’s really a win-win!

My Favorite Part

Another perk was on Mondays, it was craft day. So the kids were able to create some art projects after our workout was done and moms get to socialize. We would sometimes stay up to 2 hours just playing and talking. There are also several mom-only outings throughout the month like happy hour, sushi night, etc. Another great way for mom’s to build their own mama tribe in their area.

We had a two month plan and went about twice a week. It’s definitely something I want to do again once I have our girl in December. A good workout while making some mom friends along the way, can’t beat that right?!

Stroller Strides with fit4mom in Chicago

Your first class is free, so I would definitely see if you have a location in your area and check it out. If you have any questions about the program or how it works, let me know!

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This post was in partnership with Fit4Mom Chicago, but all my opinions expressed are my own. 

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