Our May Recap

June 6, 2018

Hi! This past month has been so busy! Sharing our pregnancy has been so exciting and we are starting to prepare around the house. Lot’s going on in the past month, mostly really, really wonderful things this past month.

The good stuff!

I can’t tell you what a relief it was to share the news of our pregnancy with you guys! We really wanted to get through the first trimester (and I was SO sick!) and make sure all our ultrasounds and tests came back healthy. I have some really good days and then a few yucky ones. But I am trying continue working out, eating small meals and resting when I can. You can read about it Surprise! Coming this Winter…

One area that I have been working REALLY hard on is a complete makeover of my blog. Have you noticed?! The navigation is so much easier and I have a lot more categories to search through. I know not every post appeals to everyone, but I would like to have an abundance of areas that might appeal to you guys. I am always open to any feedback or questions, so please send it my way!

One event I went to the opening of Noyane at the Conrad Hotel and it was my first time there. The views are amazing and so is the food. Honestly, I would absolutely go back for the burger. Like soon. It was standout of the entire night. The cocktails also look super innovative, but I will try those next summer 🙂 Check out the original post here.

One of the coolest things I did in all my blogging was attend the Fabio Viviani with Pepcid AC. Chef Viviani is one my favorite chefs not just because he was on Top Chef, but his meatballs from Bar Siena are OUT OF THIS WORLD! The setting was in a candlelight, brick exposed loft in the West Loop with dishes like watermelon salad, short ribs and bread pudding. It was such an experience to hear from him how he creates his dishes and his perspective on creating dishes. The kitchen was exposed so you could see up close how the dishes were beautifully crafted and plated. So cool.

Early in the month, I attended the opening of the new Moxy Hotel. It’s a super cool space located right in downtown River North with a great 24 hour taco restaurant in the lobby, Zombie Tacos. The tacos were great, I especially like the grilled adobo chicken and the donuts. We also got a tour of the hotel. The rooms are small and modern, but their entire point behind having small rooms is to not spend most of your time in them. They encourage their guests to get out and explore Chicago, especially being in such a fun part of the city. The lobby is also a perfect spot to people watch while drinking cocktails. See the original post (I remember taking almost 20 photos because I was starting to show here!)

The work in progress….

Honestly, this month has been really exciting for us as family. I also got experience some really fun things through the TheChicagoGoodLife. One area I have completely slacked off in is potty training Noah. We were on such a great path, but with being pregnant and sick in the beginning, we fell off. My goal is to make sure he is training before the baby comes in December. I know eventually it will happen, but I need to dedicate more time to it.

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