Surprise! Coming this Winter….

We will be a family of 4! I am so excited to share that Noah will be a big brother early December.

Pregnancy announcement at Lincoln Park Zoo Chicago Blogger

Pregnancy announcement at Lincoln Park Zoo Chicago Blogger

Pregnancy announcement at Lincoln Park Zoo Chicago Blogger

Pregnancy announcement at Lincoln Park Zoo Chicago Blogger

Pregnancy announcement at Lincoln Park Zoo Chicago Blogger

Pregnancy announcement at Lincoln Park Zoo Chicago Blogger

Pregnancy announcement at Lincoln Park Zoo Chicago Blogger

Pregnancy announcement at Lincoln Park Zoo Chicago Blogger

Pregnancy announcement at Lincoln Park Zoo Chicago Blogger

We were actually a little surprised when we found out we were pregnant. We thought it would take some time because it did with Noah, but here we are! I have to say, we are blessed to grow our family. So many moms and moms-to-be out there struggle with fertility, so I just want to send some love and light their way.

Can I just tell you how different it is the second time around? This pregnancy seems so much harder! Maybe because I have a toddler running around now… I felt much more sick and tired during this first trimester than I remember. I have been nauseous, eating very little and just so tired. Many women get morning sickness, but for me, like clockwork, at 9pm every night, I would get sick. It’s mind blowing how our bodies work. I only recently started to gain weight and eat more, so hopefully some of this yuckiness will fade out. I have been working out 2-3 times a week and eating very small, frequent meals. Both these things have been helping. But man, do I miss my large iced coffee and red wine.

Now, in my second trimester, my sleep hasn’t been the best. If you follow me on instastory, you know I have been getting up at all hours. But hopefully, that will stop soon. Crazy hormones!

Because I know some of you might ask, we will be finding out the gender in a few short weeks. We never did a big reveal with Noah and probably won’t again, but never say never.

It’s truly amazing how quickly you show with your second. I started showing around 20 weeks the first time, and now, I was showing by 10 weeks. I know everyone says this happens, but it’s going to be hard to try to fit into regular clothes very, very soon. Hello maternity clothes.

So, that’s our big news! We are SO happy to share it with you guys, in fact, it’s definitely a relief. It’s been difficult choosing the right angles in photos and keeping this to ourselves. And I really can’t wait to share this journey with you all! I am linking our birth story from Noah in case you’d like to read a little more on my experience the first time around.

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Outfit details- Dress: Here | Hat: Amazon | Shoes: Old Navy Noah’s shirt: Carter’s | Noah’s shorts: Carter’s

So much love on this post! Thank you! Manny and I appreciate all the kind comments.

Photos taken at the Lincoln Park Conservatory and Lincoln Park


Two-year-olds aren’t always that bad. Sometimes, they are pretty awesome — especially when they can’t put a book down from their chubby little hands. I started reading with Noah consistently when he was around 3 weeks old and we haven’t stopped since. Although, I use the term “reading” loosely, we just look a lot of pictures and repeat words. It’s the best feeling to watch him grow and find a love of reading. As a former teacher, I was always reading, except it was children’s books (my personal favorites are Hatchet and anything by Jerry Spinelli). I have a love of children’s books.


Every night, our bedtime routine is a bath, brush our teeth, read two books and sing two songs. We try to stick with it and he is now reminding us if we forget any part (that’s the cutest).


(*glider by Delta. I love it for our small room)
Here are 5 books we love right now:

1. Where Do Diggers Sleep at Night?  by Brianna Caplan Sayres, illustrated by Christian Slade

For any vehicle-obsessed little ones (I hear the word “truck” in one day more than I can count) can expect repeat requests for this story at bedtime. From diggers and dump trucks to tractors and cranes, sweet rhymes about familiar bedtime routines gently lull trucks (and kids) off to sleep.

2. My Big Animal Book by Roger Priddy

Two-year-olds love animals, and this giant board book might be his favorite. It groups animals into various categories such as pets and farm animals. Toddlers will recognize their favorite animals and learn some new ones too. Noah loves to point and quiz me, just to make sure I didn’t forget any of them 🙂

3. Where is Baby’s Belly Button by Karen Katz.

We actually got this for a baby shower gift and was one of the first books to read to him. This not only teaches primary and secondary body parts, the lift-the-flap book is the best part of it. This is apart of a series and they are all engaging.

4. Pirate Pete Polly-Potty Training for Boys 

If you have been following me for awhile, you know we have been trying to potty train  (but really that can be a whole other conversation or two itself) Noah for awhile. It hasn’t been easy, but Noah is at least entertained by pressing the cheering button when he attempts to go. Maybe it helps, but either way, it’s his potty reading material.


5. Teeth are Not for Biting by Elizabeth Verdick

Our nanny (when I was working full time) bought this for Noah. Yes, we went through a rough biting phase. I have to say, I think this book really helped. The visuals really showed Noah how it can hurt other children and he has grown out of it. Although, it’s frightening for parents to have to deal with it. This book is a must for all biters.

I would love to know your favorite children’s books! Let me know.

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My Lil’ Kicker: Soccer Lessons with Lil’Kickers

Soccer lessons at Lil' Kickers

Staying indoors all winter long with a toddler can be really, really boring. To help bare with the cold months, we started soccer lessons when Noah was 20 months and we LOVE it. The program is designed to help develop children’s social, emotional, and cognitive skills while providing physical exercise. They promote players who are good sports and good teammates, on and off the field. The coaches are very encouraging, always high-fiving, and players get stamps at the end of each lesson (my son’s favorite part). My favorite part? Noah get’s to get channel some of his energy all while having a positive learning experience. It is a 50 minute lesson with an adult, but at the age of 3, a parent is no longer required.

Ages: 18 months – 9 years

Classes: Weekday & Weekend

Spring Session: Mar 19th – Jun 17th

You can book a free trial class using this link.

TIP: They have locations in Chicago and Chicago-land suburbs.

(TheChicagoGoodLife is a partner of Lil’Kickers)

Winter Fun for Everyone: Indoor places for the Family

Chicago winter months can be brutal, especially with little ones. The days can become even longer when you are stuck inside all day. I have rounded out a list of our favorite indoor spots. I have included classes, open playrooms and additional fun, indoor activities to keep everyone entertained (hopefully!) and sane during the cold months. I also got some help from fellow moms too and included their favs. Even included a special discount code, a promotion and several free options because who doesn’t like to save some extra cash right?!


Merry Music Makers– Music based classes from kids birth to 5 years old. Children can learn to sing in tune, keep a beat and participate in the music of our culture, provided their early environment supports such learning. Merry Music Makers offers research-based curriculum.

TIP: There are three locations throughout the city; Lakeview, Andersonville, and Edgewater

NYC Kids Club– Just recently opened, this gym has various classes, but several are gymnastic based. We have done one open play and a Gym Tots class and really enjoyed it. They have some great grand opening specials that includes Monthly – 50% off your first month + 1 year unlimited open play! Offer expires January 31.

TIP:  There is a parking lot on the side on the building.

NY Kids Club- Chicago

Bubbles Academy– We have been to several events and open plays here, Noah has always enjoyed it. They focus on an art integrated curriculum and have many classes like art, music and creative movement. The facility has lots of space and they are always having FREE events. Some upcoming parent workshops like potty training and building math skills are really informative for parents.

TIP: Sign up for their newsletter and get the latest events, workshops, and classes.

Purple Monkey Playroom– Located in Bucktown, this playroom is nice for children to explore in the large play space. They have free coffee, tea, and WiFi. I really like the mini kitchen area to heat up lunch and have some snacks. We have always done a day pass for $15 and usually stay for at least minimum of two hours. I think its a great place for play dates on a cold day.

TIP: They have lot parking available in the 90 mile Cuban Cafe gated parking lot at 2449 W. Armitage, directly under the El tracks. It’s about a 3 minute walk to the playroom.

Purple Playroom

Sod Room– Sod Room is an eco-friendly, indoor play space located in the South Loop of Chicago.  They provide toys and materials from recycled cork flooring, low VOC paint, and reclaimed wood. It is uniquely designed to utilize as much natural light as possible.  They also have workshops and classes. A day pass is $15 dollars.

TIP: They also feature a retail boutique which offers local, organic, fair trade, and recycled products and gifts for children and parents.

Goldfish Swim School- Through some research and word of mouth, we found Goldfish Swim School and we LOVE IT! It’s our favorite activity to do as a family. We each take a turn in the water with him during the 30 minute class (because of his age). We have the same teacher each lesson in a very small class and they work with you and the level your child is at. You can read more about our experience here. By lesson 3, Noah was enjoying it and learning to do the activities much more independently. After we showered, they have diapers, blow dryers, lotion and wipes to help get ready after the shower.

TIP: They have locations in Chicago and Chicago-land suburbs.

Lil’ Kickers Soccer– We started soccer lessons when Noah was 20 months (now turning 2 in two weeks) and LOVE it. The program is designed to help develop a child’s social, emotional, and cognitive skills while providing physical exercise and developing players who are good sports and good teammates, on and off the field. The coaches are very encouraging, always high-fiving, and players get stamps at the end of each lesson (my son’s favorite part!). It is a 50 minute lesson with an adult, but at the age of 3, a parent is no longer required.

TIP: They have locations in Chicago and Chicago-land suburbs.

LIl' Kickers soccer practice

Mini City on 21– Located in Norwood park, this is an open playroom that is a parent/guardian supervised indoor play, party and cafe. They have have classes and birthday party packages available. Day passes are $10 for children 1 – 10 years old and $7 for children 11 – 12 years old. 0-11 months are FREE.

TIP: You can get a MINI “PASSPORT” (only for children 1 -10 years old) with a 5-day pass, $40, 10-day pass, $80 or 15-day pass, $120.

Tinkergarten–  All classes take place outside at a local park. Outdoor classes where children can play with other children alongside adults to learn through well-designed, outdoor play-based activities. They help kids develop a host of important capabilities, including empathy, collaboration, creativity, persistence and problem solving. Classes range from 18 months to 8 years old.

TIP: Free trials in March for the spring season

Zumbini– Created by Zumba and BabyFirst for kids ages birth to 4 years old, the Zumbini program combines music, dance and educational tools for 45 minutes of parent and child bonding! Also taught by a local fellow mom! Check out their schedule for classes all over the city.

TIP: Use the code Mamatribe15 for 15% off (only valid at the Irish American Heritage Center).

Young Explorers at the Adler Planetarium– Children between the ages of 2 and 6 years old can check out Young Explorers’ Mondays from 9:30 am – 1:00 pm, where children and their families can try hands-on activities like Fly a Kite, Stories Under the Stars, and more. Or add a sky show to your day when you purchase a Basic Pass that includes One World, One Sky: Big Bird’s Adventure.

TIP: Free with admission.

Kidsyard–  Located off Irving Park Road, it is a 2,400 square feet play center for children aged 0-12 years. They have soft play structures, giant blocks and a climbing wall. All activities are created and appointed based on the age of the children and other safety requirements. For the babies or children under 4, there is a specific area to enjoy, with activities that engage their senses, body and mind. They have their own ball pond, mini slide, soft play blocks to crawl on and play equipment.

TIP: They do NOT allow outside food, but have a cafe.

Learning Loop Academy-Learning Loop Academy is dedicated to providing a safe and caring learning, playing and growing space where parents and caregivers can spend time together with their infants and toddlers. It is an interactive area to gather and explore many aspects of movement, music, art language and literature with the opportunity to meet and connect with other families. Check website for pricing.


TIP: Free parking and Wifi

Chicago-land Suburbs:

Kohls Children’s Museum– Kohl Children’s Museum in Glenview, offers 17 interactive, hands-on exhibits for children ages birth to 8. All of our exhibits and programs are aligned to the Illinois State Learning Standards and are designed to nurture a love of learning in young children. Adults and children are $12 dollars.

TIP: Children under 1 years old are free.

Adventure Playland– Located in Mt. Prospect, it is an indoor playground for the kids while serving food, coffee and free WiFi for parents. Open to children 6 months to 7 years old.  Children under 1 are free with paid sibling. Monday-Thursday is $10.00, Friday & Sunday is $12.00. An after school special on Monday-Thursday after 3:00PM, is $7.00 per child

TIP: They have punch cards available.

Fun Republic Play– Fun Republic in St. Charles, was founded by three local moms whose main goal was to create a play center to help children not only develop basic motor skills and social skills, but also develop self-confidence while having fun. Fun Republic strives to offer a safe, creative and exciting play setting for children of all ages.

 TIP: Kids under 1 years old are FREE.


Wonder Works  Wonder Works is 6,400 square feet of fun, a place of creative play for kids birth to age eight. Located in Oak Park, the children’s museum helps kids, their parents and caregivers unleash their imaginations. Wonder Works Children’s Museum provides a hands-on environment for children from birth to age 8 years old. The museum includes six permanent experience zones and hosts parties, field trips, concerts and other fun, educational events. Plus, an outdoor organic garden. Regular Admission is $7 per person, child or adult

TIP: Wonder Works also offers reduced admission for groups of 10 or more children when scheduled in advance through our field trip program.

Peekaboo Playroom– A playroom located in Oak Park, children from 0-6 years old can enjoy the variety of toys, play hide-and-seek in between the little house, read books in the book corner, play basketball, climb and slide in the clubhouse, and much much more. One day unlimited play is per child $12, sibling #2 and Sibling #3 FREE.

TIP: 1 hour pass for $6 dollars

Meet at Gather– Located in downtown Evanston, this playroom offers a place to Gather for art and music classes, workshops and events, open to all ages and abilities. They are open for drop-in art and play Monday-Saturday.

 TIP: They have won for Best Playroom in 2017.
Gather for kids in downtown Evanston

Gather in Evanston

When all else fails: 

Have the fun delivered to your door! These are kits that are toys with a purpose. Ranging from science to arts and crafts. Here are some kits that you can customize based on your child’s preferences.

HOOT for Kids- For newborn to 6 years old, these treasure boxes are customized based upon your child’s age and developmental stage. They are toys with a purpose.

Bramble Box– Bramble Box award winning Play and Craft Kits are hand-curated activity boxes for kids age 3-7. Mom created and kid tested for hours of fun (& learning) with items to inspire imaginative play and all the materials for at least 2-3 hands-on activities and crafts.

Curiosity Pack– Curiosity Packs inspire a love of learning through age-appropriate activities. Children will learn about letters, numbers, friendship, science, art, love, and every other intriguing subject you can imagine.

My Giant Box– My Giant Busy Box will keep ’em busy! ThB001AQDA50ere’s 16 projects, mold dough animals, collage a farm and sticker art. Decorate paper bag puppets and tissue art pictures, then frame them. Includes plastic frames, animal punch outs, bright dough colors, peel and stick tissue art pictures, tons of tissue paper, glue, and easy to follow instructions.


Building Tiles Set for KidsMagnetic building blocks are hands on learning tool. They can be combined in so many different ways! It includes a set of 102 pieces, including magnetic alphabet blocks & numbers.

With a few more winter months left, I hope some of these ideas help out your little ones (and you!)

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7 Last Minute Family Friendly Holiday Activities

The holidays are pretty much here. The season goes by so fast with parties, events, shopping, etc. It’s hard to experience it together as a family. But it’s not too late to get out there and enjoy some festive activities throughout the city as a family. I rounded out some events that are still happening and some of our own personal favs. Enjoy!

1. Nutcracker– The Joffrey Ballet is running Nutcracker from now until December 30th. Tickets run from $35 to $100 dollars. You can also find them on Stub Hub here.

2. Chicago Trolley & Double Decker- Holiday Lights Tour- Experience the magic of the holidays with Chicago’s most spectacular light displays at the city’s most popular destinations.

holiday lights tour on Chicago Trolley & Double Decker Tour. Makes a great holiday gift for Chicago Families

Photo Courtesy Chicago Trolley

This tour is great for even Chicagoans that want to enjoy the holiday lights as a family out of the cold. As a bonus, A FREE holiday cupcake from Sprinkles is given to all riders. Tours are running now until December 23rd, 2017. Adult tickets are $29 dollars and Kid’s tickets are $18 dollars (ages 5-15). Reservations are highly recommended due to the popularity of the tour. You can make reservations here.

3. Holiday Market- Randolph Street Market– The market is a unique shopping experience for the whole family. There are unique gifts from thrifty to extravaganza. It is December 16-17 from 10am-5pm. This is an indoor market with free parking onsite. They have a $30 dollar family package that includes 2 adults/drinks (wine, beer, champagne) and up to 4 kids plus a kids snack (online special only) You would definitely find a gift for even the pickiest shopper on your list.

Image result for randolph holiday market

Photo Courtesy Randolph Street Market

4. Caroling at the Cloud Gate-  Get ready to sing some holiday classics during Caroling at Cloud Gate. This festive series is part concert, part sing-along at Cloud Gate, aka “The Bean” on Fridays, through December 15 from 6-7pm. Weather permitting.

5. White Christmas at Music Box Theater– In its 34th year, this annual tradition brings the family together at the Music Box theater to see Santa Claus, sing along and watch a holiday classic. Santa welcomes the audience and, accompanied by Music Box organist Dennis Scott, leads them in the sing along to the most cherished Christmas carols. The lyrics are projected onto the theater’s screen so no one misses a chance to sing their hearts out. Then, the audience gets to enjoy a Christmas movie classic.

6. Christkindlmarket- Park at Wrigley – We have enjoyed many family friendly activities at the Park at Wrigley since it opened this year like movies, Green City Market, and live music for children. But now it is turned into a winter wonderland perfect for any age. I found this market easier to navigate with little ones compared to  the Daley Plaza Market. There is also ice skating and rentals are available, lots of food options and unique shopping. Santa does make appearances on Saturdays (and it is inside!) It runs now until December 31st, with ice skating until February 2018.

Sweet treats at the Park at Wrigley. Makes a great activity to do with the family

Photo Courtesy of Alex @sassyconfetti

7. Santa Suite at Swissotel–  One of the best things we did as a family this holiday season was our first Santa visit at the Swissotel. On the 41st floor, in a 5 room Presidential Suite, it is completely transformed into a winter wonderland experience. The space is decorated with twelve Christmas trees, a table set for Santa, and even a station to write letters to the North Pole.

Santa Suite at the Swissotel is a great way to spend the holidays with the family

Writing Letters to the North Pole

They also have different pop up shops, including floral crowns from Crowning Event.

Santa Suite at the Swissotel

We even brought along the grandparents, had some wine and RELAXED in the suite. Santa visits on Saturdays from 11am-4pm, but the suite stays open until 8pm. Sometimes, Santa visits can be stressful, but this was not! We had a few tears meeting him for the first time, but overall was a wonderful memory for all of us. And the best part, it’s FREE!

Santa Suite at the Swissotel


Helmets and Head Shapes


Around a year ago, my son had to wear a helmet from ages 3-6 months. Right around his 3 month check up, we started to notice that Noah’s head shape was starting to take on more of a “flat head” appearance in the back. But it wasn’t until our pediatrician suggested we see a specialist that it really sunk in for me. It was just too difficult to even imagine having him wear a helmet, but even worse, to think about what could happen in the future when he was older. It was not an easy decision. We were seeking the perfect head shape, but it was starting to become very obvious to us that it wasn’t going away.

I knew he would be hot and uncomfortable wearing it, but I also thought about the future. The criticism he might get from his peers in school later in life. The world is not always nice. So we went to Cranial Technology to get an opinion and determine if he would need a DOC band or helmet.

We learned that the exact term is called plagiocephaly (pronounced play-jee-oh-sef-uh-lee). It is when an infant develops a flat spot on the back or side of the head. Many factors can cause flat spots. A baby’s skull is very soft and still forming. Things such as cribs or car seats, can cause misshaping.

We are pretty certain he developed a flat head from sleeping on one side 13-14 hours a night. We tried several things before the helmet to see if it would work: re-positioning him and the furniture, supervised tummy time, etc. Nothing worked and the flat head spot seemed to get worse.

After extensive measurements of his head at Cranial Technologies, it was determined that he was in the severe range under the asymmetry measurements. There was a good chance this would never correct itself, the DOC band would be necessary. I have to say, at first, I didn’t believe it. But Cranial Technologies really helped me weigh our options. I never felt pressured for Noah to wear the helmet. I wasn’t seeking perfection. I just wanted him to be comfortable when he got older. Weighing all of our options and seeing the numbers, we moved forward with the helmet. IMG_1208 (1)IMG_0435 (1)IMG_0680 (1).JPG

The first few days were rough. And not even for Noah. I don’t even think he noticed. We had a harder time with it. He had to wear it 23 out of 24 hours of the day. It needed to be cleaned with alcohol at least once a day. He definitely had a little rubbing on his forehead the first week. I remember getting to work the first full day he wore it and cried like a baby. Maybe because I wasn’t there and also carrying around guilt thinking it was something we did wrong. But, after that first week, we all adjusted and it was smooth sailing from there. We saw the specialist every other week and we would get a little shaved off the DOC band as his head adjusted. It is definitely a commitment and it is so important to be consistent to see results.

IMG_0439 (1).JPG

IMG_0143 (1).JPG

Overall, we had a great experience and are so happy we did it. It wasn’t anything we did wrong as parents, although it sometimes hard to believe that.

We look back at all the photos and smile because he looked so cute wearing his Chicago Bears helmet.

Until next time…


 SafeHouse with our Junior Spy

We are always on the hunt for fun activities to do as a family. Things that are different and unique, but still kid friendly. We recently went as a family to the spy-themed restaurant, Safehouse on 60 E. Ontario in River North and had such an adventure! This was probably the most unique dining experiences we have had in Chicago. I am usually not one for themed restaurants, but they go all out and stay in “character” the entire time.  There is so much for everyone to do, you could spend hours just exploring. But not only is it entertaining for the entire family, the food is INCREDIBLE.

As soon as you walk in, you are greeted and told they are not a restaurant, but a furniture store. I believed it so much, I almost walked out. Oops. But that’s how good they are. Our identities were “verified” with our reservations, asked for a password and entered through a hidden door in the wall. This sets the tone for the whole experience.

Downstairs is dark, filled with lasers and an endless amount of things to do. We sat at table with a dome that we later discovered was retractable. So cool. Once seated, you are asked to give yourself an agent name. We had our Junior Spy, Noah, as our Little Toddler, and decided on Mama and Papa Bear. Not too exciting, I know. We were referred to that by every person we encountered, they really played into the spy theme and we became really invested too.

Noah was amazed at all the spy like decor, he didn’t know where to look first. There are surveillance cameras that you can watch people entering upstairs, trap doors that lead to nowhere and puzzles, to name a few. There is an option to do a scavenger hunt or “missions” around the restaurant, but this was for older children and even adults. Noah was able to walk (he kind of runs at this point) around to explore, which is always great while dining. I never felt embarrassed or thinking he was making too much noise (and he isn’t quiet, as most 18 month olds aren’t). There were a variety of ages of children, Noah probably being the youngest. We stopped the the photo booth to snap pictures, had a magician stop by our table and hadn’t even eaten yet.

FullSizeRender (11).jpg

Photo booth in front of the Great Wall of China

As for the food, it is REALLY, REALLY good. To start, we had Fried C4 Cheese Curds and they were amazing. They come with ranch and a special dipping sauce. Needless to say, we devoured them!

The kid’s menu has great options, and Noah ordered the Golden Gun Grilled Cheese with fries and apple sauce. It comes in a spy-box with puzzles to keep kids entertained while eating (more for older kids).

For Agent Mama and Papa Bear, we had the Spy Burger and it was AMAZING. I might say the top 5 best burgers I have in the city. All burgers are 100% USDA and locally sourced from Meats by Linz, and made of a special top-secret steakhouse blend. The Spy Burger comes with brie cheese and a bacon, onion jam. I really cannot describe             how good it is.


C4 Cheese Curds


Spy Burger


Kids Meal

To top it off, we finished our meal with the Italian Job dessert. This is vanilla cake filled IMG_5754with Italian mascarpone mousse and delicious. We were pretty full after our burger, but this was nice and light. A great way to end our meal.

Our overall experience at SafeHouse was fantastic and it’s perfect for children of all ages. It is definitely a place you could spend a few hours at, great for special occasions and birthday parties. The food was beyond all of my expectations and with huge portions, this place is great for large groups and families.

For the month of August, they are having Family Night every Tuesday for $50. This includes an appetizer to share, a choice of entree for each spy (includes kid meals too) and choice of beverage. Just mention this when making the reservations and enjoy!

Until next time agents,


Summer Isn’t Over Just Yet! Finish the Summer Strong with Children Events in the City

Summer is slowly coming to an end, but the children summer events in Chicago are still in full swing. I have rounded out a list of some of our favorite kids events in the city for $10 dollars or less.

  1. Sing Along at Lincoln Park Zoo–  Children can sing, dance, and clap along with Mr. Singer every Wednesday and Friday at 9:15 and 10 a.m. in the Main Barn of Lincoln Park Zoo’s Farm-in-the-Zoo. Mr. Singer will play original songs and classic sing alongs. There is always a wide range of ages, children bring their own instruments and can request songs as well. The best part is after the concert, you can visit the petting zoo, feed the cows and goats and then have a picnic at Green City Market (Wednesdays only). All FREE!



Green City Market on Wednesdays (Our House Pizza)


Noah had so much fun at our picnic at Green City Market

2. Monica & Andy-  Miss Alexis from Bubbles Academy performs every Tuesday from 10:30- 11a.m., at the Monica and Andy store at 2038 N. Halsted. If you haven’t seen a Miss Alexis concert, we love her! She has sing alongs with small musical instruments. props and is overall very engaging! She will explain how each song helps learning in different stages of development and even incorporates sign language into her performance.

Noah is 18 months and he is one of the oldest that attends, so I think this might be more for babies and crawlers. Although, he loves it and we will continue to go. $10 dollars.




3. Whole Foods- Lincoln Park At the Lincoln Park Whole Foods Market on 1550 North Kingsbury Street, there is FREE Bubbles Academy children’s concert every Wednesday and Thursday morning from 10:00 to 10:30 a.m with Miss Alexis. I always like this Whole Foods because it is large and has lots of parking available.

At the Whole Foods in Lakeview on 3201 N. Ashland Avenue, Sarah Jane performs every Thursday from 10-10:30am on the Porch. It does very crowded, so I recommend going early. TIP: They sometimes give out yummy snacks for the kids too.



4. The StoryBook Mom-  The StoryBook mom is an interactive read aloud is for all ages. This is great way to introduce young children to theatre, storybooks, music and engage their senses in an immediate and interactive way. She performs at various locations across the city. Monday’s at Shop Little Threads in Roscoe Village on 2033 W. Roscoe at 10:30am. She is also at Monica & Andy and Purple Monkey Playroom on Wednesdays. All the weekly performances are FREE. 


Photo Courtesy of Park at Wrigley

5. Park at Wrigley -The Old Town School of Folk Music, Wiggleworms, performs every Tuesday at 10-10:45am, except on game days. It is an interactive performance with music, movement and dancing. They will even have shakers, bubbles, singing, dancing and more. It is geared toward children 6 and younger along with their caregivers.

There are so many more events across the city like FREE classes at Home Depot, or FREE bowling Kids Bowl .Jump on the Water Taxi for $6-9 dollars (depending on the distance) or all the FREE family and child friendly events at Maggie Daley Park. 

Let me know what you think!


Picnic Essentials

There are many items we need for the park, but there are a few that we MUST have before we leave the house for long periods of time. Now that Noah is a toddler, some of the items are necessary to keep him entertained and make motherhood just a little easier on our summer adventures. It folds up really small, easy to clean up spills and has handles to make it easy to carry. Best picnic blanket for the park.


I also really like using a a cooler bag, like Embark Insulated Lunch Bag (Blue). It keeps the bottle of milks, yogurt, string cheese or any other snacks at a cool temperature. The best part is that it attaches to the stroller to make it easy access to all the snacks.

We also love the Munchkin Straw Trainer Cup. Noah loves this cup and I might love it even more. It is spill proof, weighted and I can’t tell you how many times he throws it without it ever breaking. No matter the angle he drinks it from, it is spill proof. The handles make it so easy for him to use. The best part, it is under $5 dollars and I have seen many cups like this as high as $15 dollars. You can find it here: Munchkin Click Lock Weighted Flexi Straw Trainer Cup, Blue, 7 Ounce

Another Munchkin product we need for picnics is the Snack Catcher. Another Munckin product we love is for our snacks. This is always in Noah’s hand. This portable snack bowl allows independent toddlers to self-feed with a lot less mess. He loves accessing snacks all by himself through the flexible flaps, and they help prevent food spills. The two handles help grasp easily, and the no-slip rubber bottom helps keep it in place on surfaces. Even when dropped, the lid will stay on. The Snack Catcher also was great when Noah first started eating solids to learn how to self-feed and help with coordination. You can get two for $6.99, one for the diaper bag and one for the house or car. Check it out here: Munchkin 2 Piece Snack Catcher, Blue/Green


We also don’t leave the house now without our Vulli Sophie The Giraffe Teether, Brown/White Noah loves this not only because he is teething and it makes him feel better, it squeaks so it keeps him entertained while in the park or in the stroller.

Lastly, we always keep a book in the diaper bag. You never know when it will come in handy. I love this First 100 Board Book Box Set (3 books) The books have numbers, labeled photos, and small enough for his little hands to hold and turn the pages. The content is perfect for toddlers and keeps him engaged (even though it might be for a few minutes at a time!)

These are just a few of our favorite products that we take when we head out for a picnic or long park play sessions.

Let me know your thoughts!



Packed for the Park: Eat Pak’d

Noah is at the park everyday, sometimes for 2-3 hours at a time. At 17 months, he is on the move, so staying in the house is not an option. We usually bring a thermostat with food, snacks, water, etc. We pack everything!

We found Eat Pak’d at Bubbles Academy and thought it may save us time meal planning for him and also give him a variety of food to try.  This service is individual meals for toddler and children, packed for the week, delivered directly to your door. They use hormone-free, GMO (when possible) ingredients and limit sugar, sodium, and preservatives. They partner with Get Fresh Produce in order to source their ingredients from local farmers. Because of this, the menu is constantly changing, which is important for picky toddlers.  But the BEST part is the variety of kid- friendly recipes that are not only tasty, fun for little ones to eat! The paks can also be mix and matched.

Now, are the paks good?! YES! They are so good, that I shared it with Noah. Sorry, the banana pudding is too good not to eat. Below are the meals we tried.

  • Craving Carnitas Pak (Noah’s favorite)
  • Submarine Pak
  • Cheesy Grilled Cheese Caprese Pak
  • Ham & Cheese Please Pak
  • Broc and Cheese Pak


It’s definitely a service that makes busy moms lives a little easier and gives our little ones some fun recipes to try out. Use the discount code CHICAGOEATS for one weeks worth of paks (5 paks) for $15 dollars.

Let me know what you and your babies think!



Our Summer Must-Haves

The heat of summer is here and there are a few products that are must haves for us this season. Now that Noah is 17 months, we are enjoying the pool, being outside and staying up late. But I am not going to lie, one of my “mom triggers” is the sun and his sensitive skin. All moms have a few triggers like nap schedules, food, etc. The sun is mine, I will admit it. So the products below definitely work for us. Hopefully, for you too!

Deep Woods OFF Wipes: This is one product our pediatrician recommended when Noah was 6 months. He didn’t like any other products out there and insisted it would work with sensitive skin. He claimed other products just don’t work, Deep Woods was the best. So, as a new mom, I of course stocked up immediately. We tried them last summer and LOVED them. Not only do they work, they are incredibly easy to use and without any skin reactions. Our whole family uses them now. You don’t have to worry about inhaling any spray, whether young or old. I have never seen them in any store so I strictly order them through Amazon. You can find them here: JohnsonDiversey Deep Woods Off Towelettes, 2 Pack

Munchkin Straw Trainer Cup: Noah loves this cup and I might love it even more. It is spill proof, weighted and I can’t tell you how many times he throws it without it ever breaking. No matter the angle he drinks it from, it is spill proof. The handles make it so easy for him to use. The best part, it is under $5 dollars and I have seen many cups like this as high as $15 dollars. You can find it here: Munchkin Click Lock Weighted Flexi Straw Trainer Cup, Blue, 7 Ounce


Munchkin Snack Catcher: Another Munckin product we love is for our snacks. This is always in Noah’s hand. This portable snack bowl allows independent toddlers to self-feed with a lot less mess. He loves accessing snacks all by himself through the flexible flaps, and they help prevent food spills. The two handles help grasp easily, and the no-slip rubber bottom helps keep it in place on surfaces. Even when dropped, the lid will stay on. The Snack Catcher also was great when Noah first started eating solids to learn how to self-feed and help with coordination. You can get two for $6.99, one for the diaper bag and one for the house or car. Check it out here: Munchkin 2 Piece Snack Catcher, Blue/Green

Babyganics Mineral-Based Baby Sunscreen Lotion: I feel like for moms, sunscreen is such a touchy subject. We all want what is best without the chemicals for our children, but for me, I wanted whats best, but not to break the bank. I have seen baby sunscreen for $50! Through lots of research, we found Babyganics sunscreen and love it! With a pack of 2 for $16 dollars, I will never use another brand. It is (according to their description):

  • UVA + UVB protection & water resistant (80 minutes)
  • Non-allergenic formula that is naturally gentle on skin and tear free
  • Pediatrician & Dermatologist tested
  • Exclusive 100% natural NeoNourish Seed Oil Blend to help nurture and support baby’s skin
  • No: PABA, phthalates, parabens, fragrances or nano-particles 

It worked well with Noah’s skin and like I said earlier, I am slightly afraid of him getting sun burnt, so I always apply every hour, in excess (I know, I know, not necessary). You can find it here: Babyganics Mineral-Based Baby Sunscreen Lotion, SPF 50, 6oz Tube (Pack of 2)


Babyganics Swim Pants (diapers): Has any other mom or dad had a really hard time finding swim diapers this season? We went to a few stores because we could find any his size and just ended up buying the Walgreen’s Brand, which weren’t too satisfied with. We ordered Babyganics on Amazon and LOVED them. There is a frog on the front of the diaper that will change colors depending on the level of UV rays. This alerts you that the UV rays are strong and you may need to apply more sunscreen. They are not puffy or swell up like many swim diapers and provide UPF protection for the covered areas. They easily slip on and off and provided enough coverage for him. You can find them here: Babyganics Swim Pants, 24 Diapers, Small

Below is a description (according to Babyganics):

  • The only swim diapers with sun sensing scenery
  • Core made with sustainable materials
  • Provides UPF+ protection for covered areas
  • Won’t swell in water
  • Water resistant soft cover


Let me know your thoughts!

-xoxo- Christine

Happy 4 Year Wedding Anniversary


Arrived by water taxi for the reception at Fulton’s on the River (now River Roast). And even had the Blue Demon!


Best party we ever threw. Cheers to many more!



Having a Baby?

Find out how you can win FREE diapers and wipes with your Amazon Baby Registry. We used their registry and loved it. All of our baby furniture was delivered directly to our door (with extensive research on reviews of course).  🙂 Check out all the details below.

Baby Registry – $100 credit towards diapers and wipes

Toddler Meal Planning Made Easy- Little Harvest


As soon as Noah started to eat solids around 6 months, my husband and I were so excited for him to try EVERYTHING. Our plan was to cook all his meals ourselves, meal prep for the week and have him it only the best, organic food. Well, fast forward to 16 months now, we haven’t been as good. Meal prep is hard for us sometimes, because like everyone, we are busy. So I did a little searching and found Little Harvest.

FullSizeRender (1).jpgLittle Harvest is a meal delivery service that provides baby and toddler meals sent directly to your door with FREE shipping. The food is all locally sourced, seasonal, organic, and delicious. It is made in a commercial kitchen with no preservatives, added salts or sugars. It arrives in little pouches, ready to serve. Everything is best within 7 days that is unopened. But the best part is the items can be stored frozen for up to 1 month in a freezer bag.

The ordering process is super easy and convenient. With any order or anytime you move up a stage, you receive a meal planner which suggests how to pair the contents of your Little Harvest box to create balanced meals. The meal planner was really helpful, especially if your child has likes and dislikes with certain foods. They work with a pediatric nutritionist, which was very important to us because we do have some allergies. Lastly, they actually VISIT the farms that they source directly from. They know exactly where the food is coming from and ensure safety practices are being followed. Once you are ready to order, you can create a custom tasting box (which I did) or 2 weeks of tastes, which is 15 pouches. I like the flexibility of choosing the pouches for the week. You can choose which stage your child is in, Noah is in Stage 4.  You order from fruits, veggies, grains and seeds, protein and seasoning blends. That is really it! Easy. The box was delivered to my door a few days later in a very well refrigerated with ice packs (packaging is non-toxic and recyclable). IMG_4083

So the most important part. Did Noah actually like the food? YES! We first tried the apples and oats and he liked it. Next, for breakfast, we combined the strawberries, oats and quinoa and he devoured it! He took a few attempts to eat the lentils, but we added their curry seasoning blend to it and he really liked it. 

Go check it out for yourself! Use TheGoodLife for 20% on your first order. If you would like to talk further with the moms behind the brand, they are at the Chicago Logan Square Farmer’s Market on Sundays.

Until next time…



Our “Planned” Birth StoryIMG_0051

My son, Noah, is 15 months. He is a happy, healthy, silly little boy and that is all that matters. I love him so much, it is actually hard to describe. But to this day, I carry around what I call “MG” aka mom guilt.

I was watching TV recently and someone was giving birth and I started to cry.  This often happens when I think about my own experience with Noah. My husband actually suggested to write about it to see if other moms feel the same way. So in honor of Mother’s Day and releasing some of this MG, I thought I would share our “planned” birth story.

For the entire pregnancy, I was healthy and so was Noah. I had no problems and everything was routine.  But in 2015, two days after Christmas. I noticed a change. Noah was pretty active in the womb, but all of sudden, I felt nothing. Something just didn’t feel right. I called the doctor and I immediately went into triage. After the stress testing and ultrasounds, we discovered Noah had turned into a breech position, which was limiting his movement. What was this? And why did it happen? So of course, I freaked out and spent the next upcoming weeks Googling everything (I know, it’s my weakness). The doctors reassured us not to worry because most babies eventually turn on their own. They kept saying only 3-4% of babies are breech at birth, so most will turn on their own.

Through my research, I learned that there are several types of breech positions, which means the baby is not head first in the womb. Noah was in the oblique position. His head was under my right ribs, bottom on my pelvis and feet under my left ribs.

So from 32 weeks on, my husband and I were told that he will turn on his own, everything will be fine and they will continue to monitor his position.

Come 36 weeks, he still had not turned. My doctor suggested a version, which is manually turning the baby around from the outside. This is done at the hospital as an outpatient procedure. The chances of him moving was 50%, so we decided to do one. But, it was unsuccessful and the most painful experience ever, even with an epidural. He didn’t budge, his heart rate dropped during the procedure and I was in excruciating pain. As a result, we had to schedule a c-section at 39 weeks. I was absolutely devastated. I was bruised from the inside out, heavily medicated, and could not believe I would have to have a c-section.

So many thoughts and questions ran through my head (and still do to this day). I would never experience my water breaking or going into labor. Was there something wrong with me or him? I wouldn’t be able to spend time with him immediately after his birth. Would I have to have one with future children?  I thought motherhood meant to go through labor, like a right of passage. It broke me. For the first time, I didn’t want anything planned, I wanted him to come when he was ready.

From 36 weeks on, there were several things the doctor suggested we could do naturally on our own to move his position. It completely consumed my life. We tried everything. Acupuncture at


Acupuncture at The Nest

The Nest (which I highly recommend for any moms to be), music, bouncing balls, moxa sticks that burn at your feet, yoga, chiropractor, essential oils, etc. We would spend hours in Chinatown to just to find herbs and incense that might help him move. Hundreds of dollars spent, countless hours worrying and sleepless night, but no success.

At 39 weeks, I went in for the c-section at 39 weeks and it went perfect. There wasn’t anything more I would ask for. I still don’t know why this continues to weigh heavy on me, but I am working on releasing it. It shouldn’t matter how our children come into this world, but mothers and women in general always carry so much guilt. We should all try to give ourselves a little more credit.

This is a deeply personal post, but I would love to hear more about your experiences.

Until next time…



The First Haircut

Ok, moms. We did it. We finally got Noah’s first haircut. After 14 months, I finally gave in and realized I no longer have a baby, but a growing toddler that needed a haircut. Desperately.

It wasn’t really about his hair or whether or not he would behave in the chair, but more about getting over the fact that he is growing and growing FAST. With all my anxiety, I needed to find place to calm my nerves and also find a salon great with children. Through lots of research, I found Kid Snips. With 8 locations in Chicago and surrounding suburbs, stylists that specialize with toddlers and kids, my hesitations were put to rest. FullSizeRender(13)

As soon as we get there, Noah was immediately fascinated with all the toys, mirrors and iPad. FullSizeRender(12)He sat in a Thomas the Train seat and LOVED IT! All smiles and I was actually excited for the experience. Our stylist asked what his favorite show was and put it on an iPad. Then, that was it, she immediately began cutting his hair. To my surprise, Noah didn’t even notice! She used different strategies to have him look down, to the left and right and not one FullSizeRender(15)problem. He was actually enjoying himself, smiling and laughing, which made me so happy.

I might not have a baby anymore, but my toddler will always be my baby boy, just with a big boy haircut now 🙂

FullSizeRender(18)Until next time…



Best Brunches and Hunts in the City

FullSizeRender(4)Spring is officially here and Easter is right around the corner. Get out your pastels, boat shoes, and Easter egg baskets and let’s brunch. Read on for some of the best Easter Brunches and Egg Hunts in the city for the entire family.

Easter at Lincoln Park Zoo: April 15, 2017 (8 a.m. to 1 p.m.)- Eat brunch with the Easter Bunny, hunt for eggs, visit animals, and ride the train & carousel (weather permitted) at the Zoo. Outdoor activities, photos with the Easter bunny and my favorite part, the Easter Egg Hunts for different age groups (perfect for my one year old. I don’t want him trampled by ten year olds running after eggs filled with nothing). And of course, parents, a cash bar will be available. Easter Egg Extravaganza at Lincoln Park Zoo.

Easter brunch  at Macy’s (Chicago and Oakbrook): April 8, 9, 15, 2017- Meet the Easter Bunny, enjoy balloon artists and face painters while eating a breakfast buffet. Check the website for more details soon. Brunch on Saturday starts at 9am and Sunday at 10am. Macy’s Bunny Brunch.

I/O at the Godfrey Hotel Chicago: Sunday, April 16th, 2017–  Boasting to be Chicago’s largest indoor outdoor rooftop lounge, Easter Brunch is being served under their retractable roof. Besides some of the best views of River North and downtown, eat brunch with the Easter Bunny, get your face painted and my favorite, a play room for the kids. Brunch includes a carving station, an omelette station and family style pastas for $29/adults and $10/kids. RSVP at and enjoy the brunch regardless of the weather. Easter Brunch


Noah’s First Easter

Bistronomic: Sunday, April 16th, 2017 (9:30am-4:00pm)- If you and the family feel like getting a little fancy, head over to Bistronomic. Located in Streeterville, serving French food and well known amongst “foodies” for being top notch farm-to-table food. This brunch includes a menu with filled with seasonal produce from the Green City Market, with a vegetarian option. $42/adults and $56 with Bottomless Mimosas (PARENT BONUS) 2-course Children’s menu $20 (under 12). Make your reservations here Open Table
Or if you feel like running around with your little one and getting those eggs 🐣, the Chicago Park District if also having several hunts across the city that are FREE. Find more at Chicago Park District
Until next time…

Spring Fun around the City


Tulips on Oak Street

Happy First Day of Spring! There are number of things to do (besides of course sitting on patios and rooftops drinking the day away, sigh :/) to kickoff the warmer weather months. For the family, there are a number of activities throughout the city that are family friendly (and fun for parents too).

Kid’s Expo March 31st- April 2nd: Although this takes place a littler further outside the city in Schaumburg Convention Center (roughly 28 miles or so outside Chicago), the Chicago Land Kid’s Expo is a family friendly event with vendors  and activities like face painting, bounce houses, balloon artists, stage performances, Disney Characters Appearances and much more! Adult beverages for the parents will be served too 🙂

The Wiz April 1st-June 8th– Ease of down the road to the Apollo Theatre in Lincoln Park for the rock, gospel, and soul version in the production of Wiz. Tickets range from $19-29 dollars. More information at The Wiz at Apollo Chicago.

Green City Market (Outdoor) May 1st: One of the best outdoor market’s in the city is in Lincoln Park and West Loop. We love to take Noah and buy from local and Midwest vendors. Many take credit card now, which helps busy parents! There are cooking demos and live performances for everyone entertained. Noah loves the smoothies and our favorite is to buy flowers and Garlic Mushroom Spread from River Valley Ranch.


Green City Market

Switch on Summer (May 6th) – One of the most iconic Chicago attractions  is Buckingham Fountain and this year, it turns 90 years old. The birthday celebration will include live entertainment, activities and giveaways and the fountain will be turned on. There is currently a contest to see which live band will perform at the event. For more details, head on over to Switch on Summer for more information.


Yes, parents, there is wine and beer stands at the Fountain

Let’s hope for good weather this spring so we can all get out there and enjoy what Chicagoland has to offer. Let’s be honest, we could all use some Vitamin D, too 🙁

Until next time…



Dining with a Baby: Fear No More

As Spring approaches, families come out of hibernation. The days are longer and babies go to bed later. However, dining at restaurants with babies can be pretty frightening for first time parents. Between the tears, picky eaters and glares from fellow patrons, it can be a pretty difficult time for parents.

I have learned some things from my one year old, Noah, that has really helped calm my nerves in the past year.

Tip 1: Be Prepared

Being prepared is key. In addition to the diaper bag, I think the most important thing while out is a bib and wipes. Often times, I won’t even let him eat off a plate because he’s now a thrower, so I have to wipe down the table before he begins to eat. Toys aren’t necessarily needed because the environment is usually stimulating enough. A one year old isn’t into electronics yet, but I do see parents of older children using them. As he gets older, it might help. Taking a look at the menu ahead of time also might help decide what your little one might eat. I have also called places to inquire if they have high chairs and changing tables, and to my surprise, many places do not. You might just have to bring your own everything.

Tip 2: High Chair

At our baby shower, we received a Chicco Caddy Hook on Chair that hooks on to the end of the table. At first, I was going to return it and thought no way is it safe. I am already a paranoid mom, no way was Noah going to sit in a chair hanging off a table. But one try, I LOVED IT! I actually liked it a lot better than a regular high chair because he was still too small and would slide down in his seat.

It is lightweight, easy to use and we take it everywhere with us! The best part is that it doesn’t take up a lot of room, it actually takes up less space than a high chair. When bars have really high tables, the high chairs might be stacked and this makes me nervous. I would prefer to have my own chair. Noah is bigger now and fits better in a high chair, but we still use it all the time if we know we will have a long meal or don’t like the chairs at a particular restaurant. The maximum weight is 37 pounds, so we will get a little more use out of it!

Tip 3: Don’t be AFRAID!!

Parenting is stressful and scary enough. Dining can be really difficult, especially as babies get older and every object becomes a weapon. But Noah is always out in bars and restaurants and try to take him out as much as we can. They may not be 5 star dining experiences, but we enjoy going out as a family. We try to go early and leave by 8pm at the latest. I always ask for particular area I would like to sit in and don’t be afraid to ask! If they don’t have a kids menu,also  don’t be afraid to ask! Most of the time they can make you something for your baby. We’ve asked for sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, apples, etc. At first, I felt bad having seat and food requests or embarrassed when Noah would cry. But now, it doesn’t even faze me. Parents have to have fun too! Just have a glass of wine and RELAX!!

Until next time..



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