2 Halloween Boards to make this year

October 6, 2023

Halloween is maybe one of my favorite holidays. Why? Because my kids love it. Haha. Creating dessert boards is just another fun way to present all the candy the kids get or if you are hosting this year! When I partnered with Hostess for this Instagram (post here) I wanted to create something that would be easy for the kids to grab treats off of and add some fun into the holiday this year. So here is a Halloween Sweet board!

Board 1 – Sweet Board

What you need:

I started with this Target board, which I love. I have been using it for all my charcuterie and dinner platters lately. It’s great for large parties and makes a centerpiece for a table. Then I added some Amazon spider and bat rings (also really cute for Halloween gift bags if you are making them this year – instead of bags, kids can take these home right off the board! Fill in with pumpkins or fall decor. I love my Target pumpkins!

You can create this Halloween board with snacks like ScaryCakes™, Chocolate Cake Twinkies®, and GloBalls®. You could use any sweets you want, but I do like these Hostess snacks because they are pre packaged so if you are having a small kids Halloween party, these are the perfect to add to the sweet board. Yes, it’s a lot of sugar and processed food, but you know, it’s Halloween sooooo. Add what you want!

Add stickers, lights, small toys, & other Halloween related things keeping in mind the ages of the kids.

Board 2 – Bat Board

The next board is much smaller, more like something for an after school snack! It’s so cute and good for 1-2 kids. The Amazon bat board is linked here. The bat and ghost cookie cutouts I think make it! If you wanted to serve more people, the board from above would be perfect! I filled the board with 2 meats and 4 cheeses (this is way too many, but I wanted each cutout to be a different cheese). Aldi has a great charcuterie section – so everything is filled in from there. Then added the Amazon spider and bat rings and Target pumpkins.

I used real candles here, but I would definitely recommend using fake ones. Especially if it’s a kids party! We used these for our Dia de Los Muertos altar and they are perfect. Also remote controlled which is awesome.

Hopefully this is giving some Halloween inspo for all your entertaining needs!

If you are looking for Chicago pumpkin patches or apple orchards, here are a few recommendations! If you make anything like this, tag me on Instagram @thechicagogoodlife so I can see it!


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