My First Mom-cation and Why I Want Another One

I will admit it. I have never been alone overnight without Manny or Noah. I usually have one or the other with me. Not sure if that is coincidental, but leaving the both of them was definitely different for me.

I was invited to a Chef’s Dinner at Three Embers Restaurant ,which is inside the newly renovated Lincolnshire Marriott Resort. The chef was preparing a dinner for Chicago influencers to highlight their locally sourced cuisine. We had the option to spend the night because it’s about an hour away from the city.  At first, I was so excited to get away by myself for the night for the first time, but that morning, I literally

Lincolnshire Resort Marriott Staycation

came up with every excuse not to go. I have laundry, Noah would wonder where I was, maybe it was too much work for Manny, and so on. My mom guilt hit me hard and I was about to back out. Everyone always says it’s important to have your alone time, I even say it to other people all the time, BUT, doing it is totally different. Women want to do it all! Am I right? Raise babies, work, manage the house, friendships, etc. I know all this, but still, I needed a push to go alone.

With some convincing from my mom and some of you guys on Instagram, I went. I eventually got in the car at 3pm and arrived by 4:30pm.

Upon arriving, the backdrop of the resort is in a wooded area with a golf course, pool, the Marriott Theatre, a lakeside patio with fire pits, horseback riding, walking trails, etc. I truly felt like I was on vacation, far, far away from the city.

Lincolnshire Marriott Resort Staycation

The hotel has gone under some major renovations, 25 million dollars in fact. Three Embers and Wrights Brew and Bistro are a new addition, along with a Starbucks and a day spa called The Spa at Lincolnshire. Each individual guest room also received a renovation.

newly renovated Lincolnshire marriott resort

The dinner was set for 7pm, so I had some time to grab a drink (virgin daiquiri, hello pregnancy!) and sit by the pool. And I literally LOVED it! I was relaxed, not worried about making dinner or bath time and then regretted not leaving earlier! I wanted more time.

poolside at lincolnshire marriott resort staycationstaycation at the marriott lincolnshire resortstaycation at the lincolnshire marriott resort

On to dinner at Three Embers Restaurant. It was fantastic! Three Embers looks over a pond and connected to a huge patio with fire pits and lots of places to lounge with a drink (sigh, very, very soon). Executive Chef Yo Chang presents the cuisine like pieces of art, not to mention it’s also delicious. We started with lamb croquettes with minto pesto and goat cheese. I’ve never met a croquette I didn’t like. Moved on to the house made bread and honey butter they source from beehives on their grounds. Best honey butter I’ve ever had. Also hearing from the chef on how they obtain the honey from the bees sounds like a true art. Another unique starter we had was the Resort Farm Vegetable Quartet. It is gazpacho, so served cold. I’ve never had anything like it.

Some standout entrees were the veal tenderloin and halibut, fresh and cooked perfectly. Both ideal meals for the summer. All the entrees are paired perfectly with wine on the menu and the servers are really knowledgeable about what’s paired the best.

We ended with a combination for dessert, but a MUST is the Cheesecake Bread Pudding with triple berry compote and vanilla ice cream. Overall, dinner was incredible and if you are staying at the hotel, I recommend having a meal there.

Lincolnshire marriott resort staycationStaycation at the Lincolnshire Marriott Resort

After dinner, I sat outside near the fire pits and relaxed by myself until bedtime. I checked in with my house a few times and of course, everything went well. No problems. I was able to disconnect for a bit and place my mom hat to the side for the night.I woke up refreshed, had my coffee in bed and took my time getting ready. Even sat and ate breakfast. Alone. Moments like that are priceless. I came home feeling great and ready to get back into mom mode.

Honestly, next mom-cation, I want more time! I know that I can do it and it’s important to get away for a little. Maybe hit the spa or just do NOTHING! Plan nothing. I would also check in less, there really was no need for it. Have me time. I know with our girl due December might be hard, but I am going to try to do it when she gets a little older.

I think it’s important for everyone to have some alone time, whether they are moms out not. It’s nice to just be, without any responsibility. And if you are in the Chicagoland area, I highly recommend doing an overnight or even a weekend at the Lincolnshire Marriott Resort. Between the pool, spa, restaurant and bar, there is something for everyone.

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