My January Reboot

Updated January 2019

Like everyone else, I completely overindulged in December. The holidays get me every year. Not only the holidays, but I gave birth 6 weeks ago, so my body and mind are both in need of some extra love these days.

This January, I have decided to do a complete “reboot” of my life. My mind, body, home, and LIFE. It isn’t just about losing weight and setting unrealistic goals, but hitting the refresh button in all areas of my life. Once the holidays were over and my daughter turned 6 weeks, I wanted to start to change some bad habits I developed over the past few months. When I eat poorly and indulge in too many sweets, my sleep and overall mood was impacted. I was still eating like I was pregnant! Late night snacks, staying up too late and not working out. And honestly, I’m already on a few hours of sleep a night, so I just want to treat my body right again. Time to give it some love! Continue reading