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5 ways I squeeze in workouts

Working out isn't always the top priority after kids, but I am trying to get my health back on track now. Although, it's not easy, here are 5 ways I try to squeeze in a workout with and without kids!

Before kids, I was able to workout whenever I wanted. Early in the morning, late at night, etc. Whenever! Now, fast forward to a marriage and two kids later, it has become really difficult to get in my workouts.

Now that Mila is out of her newborn stage, I am putting working out back as a priority. Not only because I know it’s good for me, but it’s sometimes the only hour I get alone during the week. It’s time for me to clear my head, destress and do something positive for myself. My goal is to workout 3 times a week and I’ve been able to achieve it so far! It does require a little planning and being creative, but it’s definitely achievable.

Below are 5 ways I try to squeeze in workouts during the week. I hope some of them help!

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Walking to the lakefront with both kids is a great workout

Schedule ahead of time

The gym I belong to does not have childcare, so this makes working out very difficult. The only time I can make a class is when husband gets home from work and I can take the last class they offer.

On Sundays, I will look at our schedule for the week and pick 3 classes that work for the both of our schedules. I sign up and add them to our shared Google calendar. This way, I can’t cancel because I get charged if I cancel within a certain window of time. Who wants that? Not me. It holds me accountable for sure!

If I know I can only get 1 or 2 workouts in that week, I have found gyms like Shred 415 that have childcare, especially if the weather is bad and I can’t head outside.

Walk, walk, walk

I know this might seem obvious, but sometimes I get both kids in the stroller and head outside. My goal is always 10,000 steps, which translates into roughly 4-5 miles. Lately, I have been in to walking along the lakefront or heading to the 606 trail. You could easily find a track or path in your area and get those steps in. Also, pushing a child or two in a stroller is such a great ab workout!

Baby wearing is also a HUGE workout. Those little ones get heavy! My favorite carrier is the Baby Bjorn. It’s the absolute best, most supportive carrier there is, I have a fair amount of back pain too and this is the most supportive.

Baby Bjorn is my favorite carrier. It's a great workout to baby wear.

Amazon Workouts

Last winter, I discovered these free workouts on Amazon (if you are a Prime member). There are HIT or toning videos that I really liked. They range from 15-30 minutes and surprisingly, you work up a sweat. Best part, no equipment is needed. Great for days you can’t get outside or to the gym.

Fit 4 Mom

I can’t talk about this program enough. If childcare and scheduling is a huge conflict for you, this program is fantastic. You can bring your kids with you to workout. There are classes during the week or on the weekends and they have locations all over the country-14 just in Chicago. I did it with Noah while I was pregnant with Mila and plan on doing it again this summer. You can read more about my experience here.

Errands turned Exercise

Ok, I know this sounds ridiculous, but let me explain. I usually have a few errands to do, especially early in the week. Whether it’s groceries, buying things for the kids, and so on, I map out where I need to go and walk there. This way, I can bring my jogger stroller and bring them along for the ride. There’s lots of room on the bottom and I have definitely filled it all the way up. Getting stuff done while running errands? It’s a win-win.

I hope you find some of these workout suggestions helpful. I am definitely working on it and it’s a work in progress. Add your comments below or DM me on Instagram. And as always, thanks for following and you can sign up for weekly email updates here.

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