Photo Breakdown

June Photo Breakdown

Every month I will take a photo from my feed with your help to “break it down”. I find that captions don’t always tell the whole story. This is another way to get a more behind the scenes on what is actually going on in real life rather than on social media.


This month’s photo is:

We were all invited to check out L. A. Burdick Chocolates to try their handmade chocolates and cake. The store is really cute, quiet and everything we tried was delicious. They are known for their tiny handcrafted (it takes 3 days!) penguins, mice and elephants and Noah loved them. Except, that was the only thing he liked. Everything else was too decadent for him and after this exact bite he spit everything out. Then decided to run around this quiet, fancy store. We tried everything to distract him, but our time was up and we tried to finish as much of our cake as we could and left. Toddlers have their moments and there was no stopping him at this point, we were on borrowed time.

Although we got some great photos, it was definitely a memorable experience for all of us! Maybe the store too 🙂

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